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ajrsmom 08-22-2004 05:34 AM

Kids' Postcard Swap Rules and Guidelines
Welcome to our newly organized Kids Postcard Swap!

Our first postcard swap is scheduled to start in October!


You must be a registered member of with 100 posts to enable your child to participate in the swap.

Each member will be directly responsible for his or her child's participation in the club and any posting done at

The children will be allowed to post thank-you notes. All thank-yous should be posted under YOUR username. Please do not try to set up individual memberships for your children---they WILL NOT be approved.
We try very hard to keep a family-friendly website but we cannot guarantee that something offensive won't slip through the cracks before we catch it and remove it. So at this time, children will be limited to posting thank-yous only....all other conversations will be removed.

Each child will be given one name per month. For now, we have decided to divide them into age groups and by gender.

The age groups are as follows:

In order to participate, children must be 4 years of age or older




13- up--we will try to keep their ages in this group as close as possible.

They will be required to send at least ONE postcard per week, each month for the swap. We greatly encourage other interactions through emails, letters, Instant Messaging or phone calls, however, these transactions must take place privately off of the FamilyCorner message boards. You can use the email and PM system on Family Corner. Parents will be responsible for ensuring that their children are actively participating in the club so that feelings of the participating are not hurt.

After 2 weeks, if you child has not heard from their postcard pal or has not received at least one postcard via snail mail, please contact the moderators of this club (mom2-4) or me to let us know about it. Please DO NOT discuss this on the Family Corner message boards.

We realize this is a very busy time of year for a lot of families. We ask that if you and your child cannot commit to fulfilling the requirements of the monthly swap, PLEASE do not sign up for that month. Remember, children's feelings are easily hurt and we would hate to have to try to explain a situation like this to them.

Please use the form below to register your child(ren). You MUST fill out one form for EACH child. Please fill out the form in it's entirety before submitting.

The deadline to sign up to participate in the following month's exchange is the 25th of each month. All names will be sent to you via the parent's email address that you provide in your registration form. The names should arrive by the 3rd of each month. If you don't receive a name by the 3rd of the month, please contact mom2-4 (Karen) immediately. If you wish to remove yourself from the next month's swap, please let the moderators know by the 25th of the current month. You can join again at any time but you will have to re-submit your information.

Every member who participates in this swap will receive a really cute, blinking flower icon!

Grandparents are encouraged to sign up their grandkids too!! :)

If you have any questions or comments, You can contact Mom2-4 (Karen) or Ajrsmom (Tami).

Hopefully our children will form long-lasting friendships through this swap!

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