Halloween/Fall 2014 Card Swap

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  • No unfortunately we only have 5 or 6 on the list but we can still enjoy it. Colleen

    I will get the list to you by early next week
  • Please use this thread for your thank you's.
  • beef pot pie

    Last day for signup to Halloween/FAll card swap
  • Halloween Swap

    Morning all I sent out the list this morning. Please let me know if any errors on it or if you didn't get it. Please try & get them out as soon as posible so we can enjoy them. Colleen
  • Received my list of names......Thank You, Colleen........
  • I received my list.
  • Got my cards done yesterday and they will go out today.
  • I mailed all my cards today.

  • Believe it or not I forgot to add my name &address t the list. If anyone needs it just PM me again. I am sorry, Colleen
  • Cau, I will PM you for it.