Rainbow Bridge

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  • Effie and Kathena ---
    Quote: Dear Blue Princess, Toots, Red, Ginger, Pixie, Pywacket, Screwball, Coalflake, Feisty, and Pirate,

    I miss each of you so much! I tell stories about you to my children, grandchildren, and friends. Each of you has a place in my heart that no other kitty can fill.

    God blessed me with each of you.

    Now I have to add Effie and Kathena. RIP 10/19/07

    Effie was almost 16. She was a little grayish non-descript tabby with an undercoat from Hades that shed all year round. She hated being brushed, so half the time she looked kinda "moth-eaten" with bits of undercoat sticking out around her face like a little scraggly mane. But she had the most beautiful green eyes that slanted up. She enjoyed sitting on the arm of my Laz-E-Boy while I worked on my laptop. She would rest her head on my left forearm and just nap away. Sometimes she would wrap her "arms" around my arm and hold on like glue. When she was young, she would leap 4 or 5 feet into the air to try to capture a toy or a fly that had gotten in. She would also play fetch with her little furry mousie toy. We'd throw it, she'd bound after it and bring it back for us to throw again. She would watch TV - especially if it were Animal Planet we were watching. She could also follow the cards on the computer screen when I would play solitare. At night she would sleep on my chest and purr. Helped me get to sleep, but it was impossible to turn over! She was a bit of a talker, and would "purrup" and "churrup" and "meowr" to let me know where she was. She enjoyed playing with a laser light on the floor, leaping up the wall to try to catch it.

    And little Kathena, almost 14 - a brown torti-tabby with angry-shaped topaz eyes. She didn't have much personality, and not much of a mew, but she was a shy, sweetheart of a kitty. When I would go down the stairs in my stair-lift, she would follow and "peep" at me to insist that I pet her. Well, the chair would keep moving, and soon I'd be out of reach. She'd then move down 3 steps and we'd start over - again and again until we reached the bottom. Mostly during the day, she hid under the sofa and snoozed. She was quietly present at feeding times. She didn't like to be petted much, but occasionally would get in a lap and stare soulfully into the eyes of the person whose lap it was. Then she would butt her head against leg, arm, shoulder, chest, stomach, whatever was close, and roll a little. When I napped in my Laz-E-Boy, she would get onto my legs and nap with me. She liked to curl up next to me on the bed - usually on my left side - and knead for about 15 minutes before going to sleep.

    It's amazing how important the little things are in our lives. They have helped me keep my blood pressure down, and have eased me when I was sad, and just been quietly present every day. Little omnipresent furry people to whom I could talk when no one was here. Their dishes are still out in the hall, and I'm sad all over again when I look at them. I'll have to put them away - but not today.

    I hope they are both happier and feel playful again - no aching joints, no upset tummies, no irritability anymore. I hope they have lots of other kitties to play with. And I hope we'll be together again, someday, in someway.

    Good-bye little ones! I will always love you.

  • My dog Becky was put to sleep about 1 and 1/2 years ago.She had bad arthisis at the end and she couldn't hear or see.She was a ****er spaniel dog.A very good dog with the kids.She was my princess dog as she a dog who wouldn't go potty outside when it was raining or when it snowed.

  • Mish, I'm sure you still miss Becky, just as I still miss all my kitties and doggies that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

    I hope you find comfort in the memories of Becky - who, I'm sure, had a wonderful life with you!


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  • Our pets are like family and we never get over losing them. Sorry Mish about your loss. I'm sure you still miss Becky. I lost 2 of my precious babies this past year. I lost Cuddles, a part Sheltie, about 9 months ago and just this month I lost my Sammy, a black poodle/Shi-tzu mix. They were both very sweet and loving and I miss them very much. I am still grieving for Sammy and my heart was broken over losing them both.
    Sammy was hit and killed by a car.
  • Thanks so much for your kind words.Yes I still miss my first dog Becky but i know that she had a pretty good life here and now she is pain free.Now I have another dog who is a pretty good dog with a different personality.Yep I agree our dogs are alot like kids and this dog(her name is Brittany) is just like a kid too.
  • I have a cat, her name is E, she is my baby. I tell her she is my baby dress in a cat suit. MY CAT LOVES ME.
  • Loving our pets
    I know what you mean. It doesn't take longfor our pets to have a special place inour hearts, they are so easy to love and beome part of the family very quickly. My dog are my babies also. Thanks for responding.
  • No problem and you are right it doesn't take long for all of our pets to have a special place in our hearts.