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  • HI!
    HELP!!! We have an 8 yr old lab and a 3 yr old cat, and a real problem with fleas! In all the years we have had pets; (all our married life!) we have NEVER had a flea problem. Suddenly, this past month, we have an infestation! We have used foggers twice...what a job cleaning house up after those! and, we now are using Frontline on both pets, in addition to using a flea shampoo every week!. I also comb them with a flea comb and am still getting fleas from them! What can we do to rid our home of these awful pests? I am just sick of the whole mess! I must add, we have no carpets in our home anywhere, and I have even burned some rugs we had on the wood floors...nothing seems to help. I hope someone can tell me of something we can do to rid our home of this infestation....please??? I will be waiting and praying for help...so please, won't you pop in with some helpful hints before pack up and move out? Just kidding...
    God bless!
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    You can spread moth crystals over the furniture and rugs and in your beds. The moth balls kill the fleas just make sure they are under your sheets in the bed or remove them at night when you sleep because they can burn your skin. When you vaccuum be sure to empty the vaccuum and throw out the dust and dirt. Any fleas you may have collected will just escape if you leave them in the vaccuum. And of course bombing the house with flea foggers helps. If you don't want to use flea soap to bathe the animals you can use Ivory liquid. It's what my mom always used on the pets when I was a kid and it really does kill fleas.
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    This is for the people who have the flea problem. This WILL WORK!
    If the animal is in the house, put a saucer of soap detergent under a lamp and the fleas will leap for the light and fall into the soap and CANNOT GET OUT! This is how we got rid of the fleas in our carpet in the house several years ago.
    Hope this works for you. Tadpole
  • Fleas!
    While living in Houston, Texas, we had a tremendous infestation of fleas. And I do mean Texas Size fleas. We had our pets dipped once a month, combed them with flea combs-on a white towel or cloth-fleas are attracked to white, and vacuumed with a flea collar cut up and inserted into the bag of the vacuum cleaner. This kills all eggs with the adults, after they have been vacuumed up. Our Veterinarian told us about this tip. It worked wonders. Once I had the pets dipped and started the combing and vacuuming, I did not have to have them dipped as often, later on.
    The garage and yards must be treated, also, to keep it under control. Good Luck!
  • The only thing I've ever found that gets rid of all fleas forever is to put your pet on Advantage, which you can get from the vet. Fleas will not get on your pet anymore after you start using it, but you do have to apply it about once a month.

    Best wishes!
  • It is important to understand a few things about fleas in order to treat the infestation in your home and prevent it from happenning again. I personally reccommend Advantage over Frontline and through my job have seen that it really does work!

    The following information comes from the Bayer NoFleas.com website:

    Flea Life Cycle

    Advantage® Stops Fleas at Each Stage of Their Life Cycle
    If you think just killing the adult fleas on your pet means that he or she is safe from further flea infestation, think again! Flea eggs and larvae could be lurking on your pet or around your home, just waiting to reach adulthood and start your furry friend scratching all over again.

    Before a flea reaches adulthood, they've gone through three other life stages: egg, larvae and pupae. Depending on environmental conditions, it can take between two weeks and eight months for a flea egg to reach adulthood, although the average is probably three to four weeks in most homes. That means that while the fleas might be dead today, in as little as two weeks your home and your pet could be re-infested with hungry adult fleas.

    Luckily, Advantage® flea control affects fleas at different stages of their life cycle. One Advantage treatment starts killing adult fleas on contact - before they have time to lay their eggs. And 98-100 percent of adult fleas are dead within 12 hours. The treatment lasts for up to one month, any new adult fleas that jump onto your pet will die within two hours. Advantage also kills 99 percent of flea larvae within 20 minutes, before they can enter the pupae stage.

    So there are no eggs, no larvae, no pupae and no adult fleas to pester your family or your pet.

    Advantage® works so well at each stage of the flea's life, you don't have to worry about treating your home or pet's environment - Advantage takes care of that for you, and keeps you and your pet happy year-round.
  • Borax!!
    I am in Dallas so I know all about those "Texas" size fleas, Scootr! At one time I had 2 full size dogs, 12 puppies, 3 cats adn about a GAZILLION texas size fleas! I could not get rid of themm. I even had my beautiful Keeshand (long haired dog) shaved! YIKES! She looked hysterical and I honestly think coming out of the dog salon she was actually embarrased! lol! The lady at the pet salon told me to by a couple large boxes of BORAX! Yes borax, the powdered bleach. Sprinkle heavily over carpets, sofas, dogs bedding, etc. Let sit for several hours (just don't get it wet!) Then vacuum it up! Fleas apparently ahve very thin skins and the bleach eats through and kills them! YUCK! I know that is gross but it worked for me. I even stocker up when it went on sale adn used it once a month as a preventative!
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    Once you discover that your pets have the fleas, then so do your carpets and bedding (wherever the pets may sleep)! I should try that Borax! Thanks Txchef_fran.

    I have found that once you rid your home of fleas, and use either Advantage, Frontline, or similar, then the problem, pretty much, disappears. It has worked great on our pets, and is used consistantly until frost sets in, and the fleas die off for the season. Now that we are living in Omaha, Ne., we actually have a WINTER! Unlike living in Houston, where we had heat and humidity practically year 'round.
    I have found that some flea treatments work better than others, and then, some cause allergic reactions. I have found that one of our cats has some sensitivity to one particular product and in the first few days, has problems with irritation to the skin. She noticebly cowers, twitches and tries to get to the area to wash.
  • I totally recommend you go to the vet....and have the animal treated and follow up with Advantage once a month...I agree wholeheartedly with kimmyo

    Treat your house as well....Borax is not a bleach...it's a multipurpose household cleaner and deodorizer.....and in some instances, used as a fungicide. Relatively high concentrations of boron compounds are toxic to insects, and borax is used for insect control in some cases.

    I have always found the cheapest and most direct method of dealing with any insect, pest or vermin, is to speak to the professionals. In this case, the vet.....and if your house is infested, a professional exterminator. Check with your state agency as to the chemicals used, and do get a guarantee of elimination of infestation..... although you must treat your animals and put them on preventative.

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    We have always had animals and 5 yrs ago had a really bad infestation of fleas We Sprayed the yard, gave the dogs flea baths, and put Bio Spot on them, Bio Spot is GREAT!! For those pesky critters in the house we bought a flea trap, it has a light on it and they jump at the light and fall onto sticky paper! No chemicals, no mess! Good when you have a baby in the house or allergies. We had to spray the yard a couple of times, but no more fleas! Get to the vet and get Advantage while ridding your house of fleas to help keep them under control. Good Luck!