What do you feed your dog?

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  • Hi everyone. We feed our dogs River Run No Soy dog food. It is manufactured by Cargill. Our dogs do great on it. I used to raise dalmatians and they have a problem processing plant proteins so this food worked great with them. We get it at our local Nutrena feed store.
  • Hi All,
    After trying all sorts of store bought foods, it has come down to me cooking up Shadow's food twice a week with Bil-Jac for kibble. I mix things up a bit so he won't get bored with it. Sometimes it's meat ( chicken, hamburger, pork) with rice/potatos or macaroni. For veggies I add Mashed carrots, peas, sweet potatos, whatevers on hand. Sometimes I use babyfood veggies because it's fast and easy. I give a dog multi vitamin everyday too. I started this because it has been determined that the food additives, coloring and preserveatives were causing Shadow's seizures. Now he licks his bowl clean. Sometimes his food looks better then our dinner;-) in fact dd2 even ate a bowl of his hamburger,rice and cream corn dish after I made it last night. Kids and dogs gotta love them.

  • We have a 3 yo Golden Retreiver and we feed her Natural Balance. It took us a long time and several vet visits to find a food that agreed with her, she has a severe corn allergy. Her skin cleared up within a few days and has stayed that way since we started her on it about 18 months ago. Her coat is nice and shiny too!
  • LauraLee, So glad you found food that your dog likes. It sounds like alot of work. Do you make a big batch and freeze some?

    My dogs are doing great on Iams, mini chunks...my one dog is a chow hound and he finally feels satsified with his food. Also clean-up in the yard is better. lol

  • Hi Y'all

    If you are interested in what is in dog food you feed your companion dog, how it's made and from whence the ingredients come, and analysis of dog food brands....
    go to this site:


    scroll down to:
    Dog Food Analysis
    Dog Food comparison charts

    It's all very interesting reading..and will give you an informed way
    of deciding what is best for your dog.

  • Great Site Jeannie, thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Janet..

    You're welcome! and yes there is so much information there.
    Lots to read ..... *s*
  • I cook up enough for 3-4 days when I use a ground meat. When I make a Chicken or shedded pork i do a large amount and freeze in serving size's.
  • LauraLee...that's good...what else to you feed.....with what do you mix the meat? Dogs need more than meat...... *s*
  • Jeannie,
    Most of the time brown rice and veggies. Sometimes macaroni and veggies. And I give him a multi-vitamin every day. If I'm in a hurry I use baby food veggies.