What do you feed your dog?

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  • Okay, I'll bite I never heard of the BARF plan for dogs and cats.

    Now that I feed Iam's(green bag) their tummy's are not upset.

  • We adopted a 5MO dobe from a rescue over 2 years ago, and tried ALL of the premium diets to control his chronic diarrhea. We spent a fortune on food, which we were mixing with plain cooked white rice just so the food would stay in him long enough to get utilized by his system. Then we tried the Walmart premium dog food brand - Maxximum Nutrition it is called - in the lamb and rice formula and he has done PERFECT on that ever since. We also buy him the chicken and rice at times, and feed our tiny dog with it too (she'll eat anything!). Both Chandler and Bing love it, and Chandler hasn't had intestinal upsets in over a year, ever since he's been on it. And it's less than $20/40# as well.

    The next step would have been the B.A.R.F diet but I didn't really want to go there if I didn't have to...


  • Hi Janet. I'm new to this neighborhood, but just had to reply to your request. I have 2 dogs, mixed breeds and have tried a bunch of stuff including Iams, Pedigree, Alpo, etc. They do like Beneful, but really do "jump for joy" when they get Bil Jac. And, I do mean jump. When they've been out of it for a while and I finally get it, they smell it and jump up and down for some. It's supposed to be really healthy for them too. You can find their web site at biljac.com, but you can buy it at PetSmart and other pet places. And, they aren't any more expensive than the others either.

    I also buy Hills Science Diet for them and they like it ok, but do prefer Bil Jac. Hope this helps. Katy
  • Hi Katylyn, Welcome to boards, alot of great people here with alot of good ideas and advice.

    I'll check out the Biljac.com site, thanks!

    Dogs are great, can't imagine life without them!

  • New on the Block
    Hi Janet.

    No kidding about Bil Jac. The girls really do love it. I even buy the reduced fat kind. It runs either $14.99 or $15.99 for the 15 pound bag and I think around $30 or so for the 30 pound. I don't think they make a canned dog food, or at least my PetSmart doesn't carry it. If you go to their site, sign up and they will send you a sample, which is about a pound or so, for you to try and then send you a rebate of $3, I think, after you buy your first bag. I got my free sample of regular Bil Jac and then emailed them with a request to try the reduced fat and they sent me another pound sample to try. They seem to be great people. I think Sam's Club carries it also, at least they used to. But, I rarely go there.

    I agree with you about dogs. Don't know how I'd live without them, even though they can be a real pain. But, they give me lots of laughter, love, companionship, and just warm fuzzies. Mine are mother and daughter and look nothing alike. Maggie (mom) is a border collie mix with long black hair, brown and white trim. Jessie is white, short hair and is the Queen of this house. She's a character. She comes over when I'm on the computer and puts her paw on my shoulder and pulls me. She usually wants to go out or some water, but sometimes, I've just been on the computer too long. She's funny.

    Anyway, hope you like Bil Jac. It's worth a try anyway and they say some really good things about how healthy it is and the girls do love it more than anything else I've tried. And, I think we've tried about everything out there. They just wouldn't eat dry food for a long time, only canned. Now, they eat more dry than canned.
  • The BARF plan is a new way of feeding your dogs and cats. Since they were originally from the wolf or waild dogs and cats they don't eat processed grains and meats as such. From what I understand it is an all raw diet for the animals. Vegies and raw meats are put through blenders and then fed to our pets . Apparently you can purchase it already ground and frozen as well. Sice dogs have a very short digestive track it's necessay to blend the vegies to start the digestive process. I've seen show dogs on this diet and they had the most beautiful coats I've ever seen on a dog. They were calm and collect and their owners told me less waste to clean up. The best part of all a bredder of Bull Mastiffs told me was he cut his food bill in half to.
  • Raw meat for dogs
    I don't think RAW meat for dogs is good...meat can carry salmonella, ecoli, and a host of other parasites. You need to cook meat till done to kill these nasty things. Freezing doesn't do it.

    I know dogs in the wild hunt for game but wild animals lifespan is not as long as an domesticated pet.

    I do not feed my dog bones either...but now that someone told me about carrots they just love them!

  • BARF Diet
    Hello again..

    The barf diet is excellent for dogs and they are in no way subject to e-coli or salmonella problems because of it. A dogs digestive tract is significantly shorter than a human's, therefore, the parasites cannot multiply fast enough to become a problem for them, they are expelled way before they can do any harm. The problem with barf diets is that it is time consuming and you really have to pay close attention to the amounts of the different ingredients that you mix up for the pet, so that they get a balanced diet. With 5 kids, I just don't have the time to do this correctly which is why I stick with a commercially prepared food (Canidae). I do however, supplement the dog's diet with apples, raw carrots, raw turkey necks (which are wonderful for cleaning their teeth, the vet has never seen such clean teeth on a dog before mine), an an occasional dog biscuit.

    If you are interested in the barf diet, you should really buy the book and read it thoroughly or find a holistic veterinarian to help you with it.

  • Thank you for your info about the BARF plan. I think now I will buy a book on it so that I can study it further.
  • Hi y'all...

    My dogs have always enjoyed raw carrots, apples pears, peaches....The dog we have now eats all of that plus melon, any kind, tomatoes, all kinds of berries...and sardines, tuna, salmon shrimp....any fish we are eating......

    We are fortunate in that he will eat dog food and people food, separate and mixed.....and will eat dog food without people food mixed in. He will eat whatever we eat.....Fortunately he has no allergies.

    We went to visit some friends out of town and spent more time out in that area than we had planned. We had also done some shopping, and we were getting hungry.....so dog had baked fish from Long John Silver with rice. That was his supper.

    We stayed overnight in a motel.....for breakfast the next morning we had bacon and eggs....and, since I have my dog certified for the handicapped, he is allowed by law in a restaurant. He spent his time under the table. When we left we had ordered a scrambled egg and 1 slice of very crisp bacon. He ate that in the
    SUV...along with fresh water. We continued shopping since we were there anyway, and around 3 we stopped for Fresh french fries....pup had a grilled burger....plain. Then we went home...and back to regular routine. This can not be done with all dogs....but I've been fortunate in that this is the 3rd one that I've been able to do this with... *s*
    Dogs love raw apples and carrots....it's a good treat for them....*s*