What do you feed your dog?

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  • Hi Y'all....*s*
    Over more than 25 years of dog breeding and dogs, I've been through just about every brand of dog food....and...I've cooked for dogs as well.

    At the moment, I feed Flint River Ranch dog food. It's a premium food that come delivered to the house by UPS in a full 40 lbs...

    * Fresh from the oven to your door
    * All-Natural human quality ingredients (i.e.human quality chicken that is hormone free, range fed lamb, and human quality grains)
    * No By-Products (no feet, heads, intestines or feathers)
    * No chemical preservatives such as Ethoxyquin, BHA & BHT
    * No artificial colors or flavors
    * Great taste, oven baked for easy digestion
    * Concentrated. Costs less to feed. Less stool cleanup.
    * Convenient-no more heavy bags to carry home

    The secret to Flint River Ranch's great nutrition is how many nutrients are present in the pet food and how efficiently thay are utilized when digested.


    It's not cheap, but compared to the others it's not that much more. I've had excellent results....and you feed less because it's high quality. They have a few formulas depending on your dog.

    The food is sold through distributors and this one, the addy I posted, is the best one I've found, and I've tried a few.

    I'd like for all of you to go read comparisons of dog food...and how grocery brand foods are made.....and this is info is NOT from Flint River Ranch.....


    I strongly you suggest you read all the articles on this site if you have a dog...

    There are a few rare dogs that can have table food mixed into their dog food and still eat just dog food if no table food is added.
    What has to be understood is table food is not scraps...it's what you would feed one of your kids....actually that's what we do. Our dog will eat the dog food or dog food mixed with table food. I've had several like that.... but when you do that you have to cut back on the dog food...no more table food than a small child's portion. Most times it's about 1/2 cup total of what we are eating.
    I've given him sardines and he loves them ( in vinegar ! *laughs)

    We bake our own dog biscuits....much cheaper, more wholesome, and I haven't met a dog that doesn't like them. I'll post the recipe in another post....

    Of the pet store brands of food....I would go with Nature's recipe...

    If you must go supermarket...pedigree...although i shudder at supermarket foods....they are mostly ...well...please go read the articles.

    I'm attaching a picture of our dog...he was just 11 months when this was taken. He's a red sable.
    If y'all want to talk about this or have questions...send me an email or post here...
    [email protected]



  • Our Dog Biscuits...along with variations....

    3 cups whole wheat flour
    1/2 cup corn meal
    1/2 cup powdered milk
    3/4 cup hot water
    2 T peanut butter
    1 t salt
    1 t vanilla
    1 egg
    5 T margarine

    mix all together...roll out to the size of a jelly roll pan....( makes 2 pans) cut the dough down the middle and then across...bake on foil lined pans......325 for about 45 min....cool on racks...and freeze .....
    Makes about 50- 60 biscuits.
    The dogs love them frozen too...

    If you don't want peanut butter, don't add and omit vanilla. Instead use home made broth in place of water. ...veggie or chicken or beef soup.
    DO NOT USE boullion cubes they have too much salt.
  • I used to feed my dogs NutroMax dry. Then I discovered Costco's brand of chicken and rice dry dog food. It's half the price of NutroMax and their coats are so much nicer since they've been on it. I have 2 dogs, Springer/Labs mixes. They also don't poop as much on this as they used to.
  • Jeannie, What a nice picture of your dog. I will check out the sites about dog food. Right now I am feeding them Iam's little bits(green bag) they are just now getting used to it. No table scraps for our dogs.

    I picked up a large bag of carrots to feed the dogs as a treat...my DH said they will never eat a carrot! He was cracking up in the grocery store...well I got home, cut the end off, rinsed it and they both went crazy over them!!! I thought for awhile I might have a carrot fight on my hands because they were very protective of their new treat!!! My DH and DS were amazed...they kidded me about believing everything I read...and I proudly told them both....the LADIES do not lie!!!

    Thank you all ladies! So glad I have someone besides a male to chat with!

  • dog food
    I have to admit I have tryed some different dog foods on my Reggie!!! A "Tweenie Doxie" {whatever that really means,small LOL} anyways when we first got him {and had extra money }we bought when he was a puppy Eukanuba.Then we went to brands well like Kibbles and Bits. and sometimes mighty dog!!! NOW we have a second puppy,doxie long hair suppose to be mini LOL !! NOW we use Purina little bites!! and still sometimes mighty dog.I try to use a cup....I am not sure how much to fee them .....Abear93 you have a mini doxie any suggestions??
    Jeannie nice dog I like the way she crosses her legs!!! I dont know about the carrots....wont they choke??? My Reggie prob would eat it whole!!!!LOL thanks for all the good reading!!!!!! lots of "PATS" to all the puppies!!!!{PTP.."pat the puppies"!!!!}
    your fellow dog lover in NJ
    Reggie and Bogey say HI
  • My dogs didn't choke on their carrot treat! They hold it between their paws and chew down the carrot while in a down position. Similar to how they would chew a raw hide bone.(no longer give them that, too many problems)

  • There have been a lot of good suggestions given about what to feed.
    We use Kibbles and Chunks. I use one day a month to cook make ahead meals for my family. One day a month I make treats for my family's dogs. The treats(biscuits) are good for them and it helps to clean their teeth and breath.
    They are like people. Sometimes, they may just be tired of the same old thing. We have salt free meat flavored cubes that we dissove in water. Pour it over their food or rice.
    The oil in tuna, salmon, sardines is good for their coats and it gives them a treat.
  • Hi Everyone. Just got onto this site and was thrilled to find other dog lovers. Dogs are the finest psychiatrists, mental health counselors, protectors, and all around best buddies. I've got three, Daisy, a 15-year old miniature sheltie. Use to be the best watch dog in the neighborhood, but alas, she just sleeps most of the time now. She does sit guard at the front door when it's open (glass which lets in the sun to warm her back), but she's retired now. The "Kids", Miss Lucy, a 2-year old coonhound and Mickey, a 2-year old shepherd mix, have taken over Daisy's duties for protection and mental health. They all have been fed Pedigree for their entire lives with no ill-effects. They are allowed very little people food, however, once a week, I cook up all the vegetables left over along with a pound of chicken gizzards/liver/hearts in broth-flavored rice. And they all love carrots or any vegetable that crunches. Mickey loves broccoli, lettuce and cabbage, though I limit the cabbage to a few small strips. I make them dog treats from the coonhound web site:
    http://coonhound.100megsdns.com/. They are expecially crazy about the liver treats.
  • I feed my little pomeranian Hills Prescription Diet Z/D Ultra it is a hypoallergenic food because she has food allergies. She scratches and itches and licks and bites at her feet if she eats anything else. She also had colitis a lot until I switched her food. My lab is overweight so I am feeding her Purina OM. Both of the foods I feed are available at your vets.
  • I used to feed my 5 yr old dog...Purina Fit & Trim! What a mistake...all the poor thing did many times a day 7+ was poop! So I guess I got the fit & trim look by picking up the numerous presents from him! lol:p

    Also...it gave him gas!!! WHEW!!!! Really bad, so now I have him on Iam's also..they seem to be doing great but they are always looking for a treat..bread crusts, pizza crusts, are their favorites!