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Amanda 07-15-2002 04:26 AM

Dog in Heat
My 9 month old shephard is in heat. It just started and it's her first one. Is there anything I should know? I've never had a dog in heat before, all the females dogs I've ever had were fixed.

janet 07-15-2002 08:30 AM

Oh Boy! You can have alot of unwanted dogs in your yard...they travel for miles when a female is in heat. Keep her in and call your vet...maybe they will have a few tips for you. Unless you are going to use her to breed it is always best to get them fixed before the first heat...but since this won't work for you find out when they can fix her. Most places reccomend having your dog fixed at 6 months.

Good Luck!


Jeannie 07-20-2002 08:06 AM

Hi Amanda...

I've bred German Shepherds and titled them for more than 25 years.....There are several options...

1--- if you purchased this dog for breeding, then you will have to be extra careful or she can get bred without you not let her outside very very careful....

If you plan to breed, then you must do so responsibly...You have to get her xrayed for OFA certification of hips and elbows...I usually do preliminary xrays at 6 months, 1 year and 18 months...then at age 2, re-xray to send them into The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for certification.....Hips are then graded.. Excellent, Good or Fair.......If they do not fall any of these 3 categories, then hips are not certified and shouldn't be bred....because they have hip dysplasia. Personally I will not breed to a "Fair" rating....I have bred my animals to Good or Excellent only.

You must study the lines from which your bitch comes, and see what lines cross well with hers. Breeding is not a helter skelter let's breed to see puppies kind of thing.

Also if you decide to breed, the male must also have certification and good temperament. So there is a lot of planning and research involved to do a responsible breeding.

So you have to decide if you want a brood bitch or a family dog, which a brood bitch can be, but there are certain considerations that conditions that must be met if you are going to breed.

If there is anything else I can help you with, let me know...
Here is a pic of one of my males...

2...if she is to be just a family companion..( and i don't mean 'just' in a bad way...*chuckle*) then Call your vet and get her in for spay as soon as her heat is over or at his recommendation.

Jeannie 07-20-2002 08:07 AM

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Ummm pic didn't post...let me try again

Amanda 07-20-2002 08:33 AM

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Awww he's very pretty!

Thanks for all of the info. Most of it I knew, but some I didn't (yet). :) Angel and I are currently in training. She's graduated from Basic One, Basic Two doesn't start till the end of August, so her and I and one other dog are taking semi private lessons right now. Eventually, I want to compete in obedience trials.

Angel comes from a really nice bloodline. Her father is here

Her mother is "K and H's Heidi Vom Iris". They don't have a website so I don't have a pic.

The only thing that I was concerned about in the very beginning was that both of the parents are trained and bred for Shutzund (sp?), and after I bought her I decided to go the obedience route instead because of her interaction with the family, etc. I have no more worries, even her trainer and the kennel she stayed in over the 4th of July have both commented about how they've seen many shepherds, and these she's one of the sweetest and has an awesome temperament (we definitely love her and it shows). (())

Anyhow, I got off track. The reason I said all this was because we are very torn over whether we would like to breed her one time. Not for "oh look at the cute puppies" reasons or for the money. But simply because we would love to have one or two from her ourselves and because she is such a nice dog, I think she would throw some wonderful pups.

Anyway, like I said, we are torn, still haven't decided whether to just go ahead and spay her or go through the next 15 months of periods before she can be bred. LOL So far, her blood loss has been very light, but I'm sure that's because it's her first one. And surprisingly we haven't had any unwanted canine visitors hanging around ;)

Here's a picture of her :) This was taken on May 4th, she was 6.5 months old. She's now 9 months.

Jeannie 07-20-2002 09:01 AM


Schutzhund trained dogs are the best dogs in the world bar none...what is it that concerned you about the training the parents recieved....? a now a sport that demands that the dog is sound ...not gunshy ( not fearing thunder and lightening)....the dog must do reliable obedience, do a forced retrieve and track as well as protection.

If the protection (bite work) is the thing that frightens you..don't let it. Every dog trained or not will bite.......the training actually controls the that it's taught to bite only on command.
It lets you control weather the dog will bite...and if he is about to bite can call him off the bite.....that is the most important part of the 'bite' training. It's called 'the OUT " command.
They must out.....they must be able to be called off a bite ....

Only the soundest dogs manage a schutzhund title..... Please
do not let those who are uninformed influence you. If there is anything where I can put your mind at ease ...please let me know.

By the way, the black shepherd I posted earlier, had a Canine Good Citizen certificate, a CD and also a Schutzhund 3....

So dogs trained in these disciplines are HIGHLY trained and obedient....

Amanda 07-20-2002 12:36 PM

I know that the dogs who receive this training are very well disciplined and they listen very well. I guess my fear was based on the fact that I didn't know enough about it, so I'll claim ignorance. Angel's mother's owner lives for his dogs. He is divorced, his son and ex wife live 1500 miles away, he is on disability, so he stays home and trains his dogs. I think it's great that he is able to do so. :)

He feeds his dogs an all natural diet that is kept frozen and thawed before use. It's raw meat and some fruits and vegies. I started Angel on it and didn't take her off till she was about 4 months old. It made her stink something awful! It seeped through her pores. I'm not knocking the nutritional value of the food, it's probably better than any of the commercial dog foods (in fact I'm sure it is) but it wasn't for us.

Anyway, a friend of mine who introduced me to the breeder where I got Angel made comments about feeding the raw meat to the dogs was to keep that "animal" or "freocious" drive alive in the dogs. So they would crave blood so to speak. I know it all sounds very juvenile, but those comments, coupled with the fact that his dogs spend most of their time outside or in their crates, got me a bit nervous. Don't get me wrong! The breeders dogs are beautiful and well taken care of, and very obedient. But I worried since I knew I would be the only one doing the training, my husband wouldn't be helping, and with all the kids around (we have 4) it all seemed very overwhelming and I didn't think I would be successful with it.

I only worried about her because I WAS influenced by my ignorance of the Schutzhund training methods. I have a great respect for those trainers and their dogs, they are fabulous. I'm glad I made the decision I did though. This fits into our life much better and the kids can even partipate in her training.

I hope I don't sound like too much of a novice now! LOL We love Angel and always welcome and respect professional advice and tips. Our obedience trainer is fabulous and his marvelous Golden Retriever has won so many trophies and ribbons that they've run out of titles for him! :)

Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it ;)

Jeannie 07-20-2002 02:11 PM

Amanda...oye oye! LOL I'm sitting here shaking my head..not at you but the breeders who don't have a rat's pazinga's idea of what is going on....

I feed Flint River Ranch. It's a premium food and not cheap, but it's a kibble made of human grade costs me about 45 dollars for a full 40 lbs and it's delivered to my front door, shipping included. If you are interested in finding out about it let me fact let me give you the url...and y'all can read for yourself...and maybe even be a distributor....

I am down to one dog now ...My husband and I are now retired and in our very early 60's..but we are really in our 30's...LOL...

Dogs are to be highly socialized, that is out and about learning and seeing new things...just like you would bring a child to the park etc. They need that to be social, as well as being subject to a goodly amount of in house traffic.

This is not advisable with a dog that is not mentally balanced!
And no matter the temperament, never leave the dog alone with an infant......or visiting children. Curb your liability...and that is for all breeds.....all dogs can bite!....

One point about training.. let me put it this way...I wish I still had this article...but I shall paraphrase it......Everyone has a number
If there are 6 people in your family...the dog's number is 7....If there are 55 people in the house, the dog's number is 56. That is, the dog is subordinate to all humans in the house.

Once you have Angel trained, it would be a good idea for your husband to also work the dog in obedience. Angel may love him, but for obedience, the dog has to respect him. And...that means he has to work Angel so she too understands that he is alpha to her, as are all the children..... This is true of any dog of any breed.

If you are unsure or hear of something that concerns you please let me know.....I promise that if I don't know the answer, I will find the answer for you. I have many trainers in my circle .....and hopefully your trainer does positive AND negative reinforcement.
To never experience a consequence for bad behavior or not following a learned command, is leaving yourself open for trouble.

I'm glad you have a good pup and Angel is fortunate to have y'all too. Have fun learning obedience, the trick to it is consistency!..*g*

If you want more info on Schutzhund or KNPV or any of the dog sports.....or WORKING titles, let me know... *s* The more informed y'all are the better you are qualified to make choices, yes? *s*

Harriette 07-22-2002 04:47 AM

dog in heat
Good luck Amanda.
On reading I noticed that no one mentioned the fact that from about the 10th thru 16th day is the most dangerous for the bitch in heat as that is when they are usually bred. Check with your vet about exact days.

One bitch bred on the 12th and 14th day and another on the 13th and 15th day. Sound familiar. With one bitch had to give the male tranquilizers as he would climb on anything and howl at all times of the day and night.

I agree with the woman who wrote - never leave a dog alone with young children - it is better to be safe than sorry. I was fortunate in that one of my dogs not only helped me raise my sons (dh was career Navy and gone 6-9 months at a time), but also raised a litter of kittens in addition to 2 litters of her own and heaven help the parent who's temper got the best of them when hollering at the kids because she would stand there in front of the child protecting them until the parent cooled down or changed their tone of voice.

Have fun with your dog. Travel today is much easier as some hotels/motels actually allow them to stay inside with you. I still remember fondly the looks of oncoming drivers as we had two huge shepards and one medium size dog with two boys laying on the overhanging bed in the camper. They enjoyed the travel and camping was a treat - could go swimming with us without anyone saying anything.

And yes they are very much a member of the family. Just remember the fact they are like any 2 -3 year old child and must be monitored.

Amanda 07-22-2002 05:07 AM

Thanks everyone for all the advice :) Just so that you all know, I'm not a novice dog owner, I know not to leave children alone with an animal. :) We've had dogs all my life, I just have always been very relaxed about dog ownership in the past, meaning the ones I've had before were pets and nothing more.

With Angel, I want to show her and MAY want to breed her, but haven't decided for sure yet.

I am wondering though, are dogs cycles the same as humans? Do they get their period once per month? And how long does it usually last?

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