Have you recently added a new pet to your family?

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  • SuzyQ I love the name Ms Piggy! It's just so fitting for a Guinea pig. And on top of that she loves "green". I think it's a great fit.

    Years ago, we had a pair of Snow Tetras (fish); one pink and one blue. Of course my then four-year old named them Pinkey and Bluey. Pinkey was such a bully! Always nipping at Bluey, so we started calling her Pinky the Barbarian. Sure enough she eventually ate poor Bluey. I found his little skeleton at the bottom of the tank one day. I told my daughter that Bluey had probably jumped out of the tank, hoping to escape that mean Pinky, and that we'd find him someday. LOL
  • I love the name Piggy also, but I guess the reason is one of our cats we adopted many years ago is named Piglet and we call her Piggy.

    We added our 10th cat about 2 months ago, Orien is an free range outdoor cat that stays with Star. We had lost our Socks last September and where down to 9, but along came Orien! He and a brother were up for adoption and my DIL couldn't find anyone to take them (she had taken them to find them a home) so I ended with Orien and my DIL kept Beasley (now they have 2 indoor cats).
  • No they seem to be getting less!
  • We added snickerdoodles (Ha I love the cookies )
    (The brown dog)

    and we got chickens...


    she is a little one,dk red, only pic I have is jeff holding her lol and he wont let me post it lol
    are the girls names :D
  • my newest furbaby and her 3 big sisters
    I just added the 4th and last furbaby she is a teacup chihuahua and she is so tiny she is 9 weeks old tried to name her babygurl but she only answers to doodiebug. the black one is Brandy then daisymae and the fluffy one is taffy doodiebug is gray and light tan she looks brown in the pic thanks for looking at my babies