My cat is throwing up!

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  • My cat (8) only goes outside on a leash...usually. He had run between someone's legs and took off without being noticed. He was out all night and came back hurt. He ended up at the vet with 2 large absesses and antibiotics. They are not sure if it was a cat fight or if he found the 5 racoons living in our back lane. He has been off antibiotics for 3 days now and his absesses are healing, but overnight he was throwing up and throwing up all over the place! He would be sleeping and then he would run and throw up quite violently. This happened 6 times that I could find in the morning. He was fine (that I know of) until 5 this evening when he ran and started throwing up again!
    How do I find out what is making him sick? Can anyone help?
  • Sorry to hear your cat is sick.Could it be an reaction to the medince?Hope you can figure it out.
  • Thank you Sweetnel3, we are very worried as he is such an important part of our family. He has never been ill like this and the vet is so expen$ive.
  • I truly understand as we have two cats & a dog that are very muchh part of our family.We too can't afford the vet so its hard when one of them gets sick.
  • I think I figured it out. He was eating Meow Mix dry food and my neighbour said her cat got sick eating that too! Back to Whiskas and Friskies for him!
  • I hope that changing his foods makes things better for him. I know that having a sick cat is like having a sick kid...they are part of the family.

    If he doesn't seem to be feeling better, at least give the vet a call to tell him/her about his symptoms. You dont' want him to become dehydrated.

    Hang in there, Mom. I hope to hear that he is doing better.
  • Cooked, Our pets do become a part of our family. I hope your cat is feeling better real soon.....
  • Happy, thanks so much. He is doing so much better now. He is pretty scarred and one absess is still open, but it is smaller. I can hardly wait for his hair to grow back!
  • It could have been just changing the food quickly. If you are switching brands you should do it slowly or it can upset the stomach, especially if he was still a little week from his previous illness. What is his name?
  • Cooked,
    Try getting Purina One "Sensitive" Stomach / Digestive (I forget which title it is, but it's a light blue bag). Our oldest boy kitty (about 9 y/o) has terrible bouts of vomiting too sometimes - which can be brought on by what he eats (type of food), hairballs, and his body aging. Our vet said if we can't get him to eat the Science Diet stuff they recommend to use the Purina One Sensitive food, and give him a 1/4 can of moist food. The dry helps keep his teeth strong and healthy, but the moist food assures his body gets fluids (cats are known for not drinking a lot of water unless they are ill), and occasional "cat" treats (3 or 4 pieces instead of the suggested package amount) in a variety of flavors. Start with the small packages though, as some flavors and/or types can cause kitty to get sick also.

    Good Luck, and good to read you discovered the cat food issue!