Do You Own A Pet(s) If So, How Many And What Are They?

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  • We currently have 1 big ole silly Rottie dog, our Daisy, and two cats- Lizzie, who looks like a cross between a Siamese beauty and a raccoon, and her daughter Anna, who's a gray-black-tan striped tiger with a white chin.

    When we moved in August, Mr. Catwoman gave me an ultimatum- I could only bring 2 of our 6 cats with me. It makes sense, because we're renting, and 6 cats in the house was difficult to manage. We kept the solo mother-daughter pair and placed the other mother and her three young cats (all females) for adoption. We found out that two sisters got adopted together and the mother and last daughter were also adopted together.

    Mr. Catwoman swears up and down that I brainwashed our Rottie not to attack the cats, but I did no such thing. He spoils her rotten. Daisy is a true daddy's girl!
  • We have two "AARP" (they are both 14 years old) kitties. Our black and white mix is Domino and our tortoise shel cat is Smudge. Both are the sweetest little girls. They have slowed up a bit, but retirement living can do that to you!
  • I only have 1 animal now and that is our sweet Prissy which is our dog.. As when we moved I got rid of the horses, a hard thing to do but now I'm thankful...
    Prissy was more John's dog as I got her when his health was downhill yrs back to help him. Which it did.. she took and watched over John very well, now she watches over me like crazy.. After he passed she would lie under the bed on his side, but I guess her grief is over with for she lies next to me...
  • It's sweet she is there to comfort you.
  • we have 6 cats...again.
    Meeko Ariel is 15 and our gramma.
    Kali Coe is 10
    Miyavi is almost 4
    Anubis is almost 2
    Magilla is only 5 months
    And....Nick is ??? he looks maybe 4 or 5

    We lost my babygirl, Sagwa almost 2 months ago. She was Miyavi's sister from the same litter. I still cry outta nowhere over her. Stupid car hit her in front of me.
  • Well, as far as pets go at our home, we have 3 dogs, two of which are goldens (Prince Charles and Jasmine) and then there is Bambi which is a mixed male that keeps Prince and Jasmine active since he is the youngest.

    Then I have two cats, Sox (female) and Tigger (Male). Sox is very prissy and Tigger is all boy and loves to be involved with the family.

    Oh, I've got chickens too! I have 39 in all and about 12 baby chicks as well. I don't eat them and they definetly consider themselves as part of the family. Each morning I go out to the chicken house to feed them and they follow me all around the yard. Mine free range so I have quite a following! I have to drop food on the way just so I can move around! My favorite past time is sitting on an upside down bucket and let them feed from my hand. I have a few that are even brave enough to sit on my knee so they can get to the food easier. You might say we have a full house here! My husband is a farmer so you never know what pets might come visiting!
  • We have 4 dogs, and 10 cats, and over 100 chickens. The chickens aren't "pets"; we do not eat them, but gather their eggs and the free range ones are here for bug control.
  • Pets
    I have fours dogs
    Ms.Daisy: mixed pitt, Victor Mature: 3/4 st. bernard, Kitty Boo: mixed corgei, and Dunkin: mixed lab/retriever
    six cats
    Buster: maine coon/persian, James and Spooky(brothers):alley cats, Libbey: mixes, Callie: my one eye calico and our newest member is Sherkhan a bengal
    All my babies came to me by recuse.
    and of course in a barn outside, my daughter has about sixty chinchilla's. she raise as pets. she show and sell,too
  • ~ oooh, y-e-s!
    My husband and I are blessed with a pair of darling Sheltie sisters
    { beautiful tricolor *Sadie* + gorgeous mahogany~sable *Emily* }
  • We have 4 dogs.

    Akita/German Shephard
    Chiquaqua Terrier Mix
    Daschund/Beagle Mix
    Daschund/? Mix... she looks to be mixed with maybe mini pin?

    All are girls, 2 are from a pound, one from a breeder and one who was a rescue at a pet store.