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  • I live in the country & have 15 to 20 cats. Two pampered
    inside cats & the rest are to control the snake population.
    There are about 7 kittens. That doesn't really count as
    small pets though, does it? I had gerbils as a child & have
    recently had the urge to get a small pet for my 3 year old
    son. I likes that the gerbils had tails (unlike the hamsters)
    & the tails were covered with fur (unlike the mice & rats).
    I used to hold the gerbils by the tails & lay down with
    the animal on my stomach. Once you start laughing, you
    cant stop, because the gerbil is bouncing up & down.
    Anyway, I'd like to hear more about the rats too. Most
    small rodents are nocturnal & I figured this would probably
    scare my son at night. So, how quiet are the rats. Does
    anybody have experience teaching a child this young to
    be gentle & responsible w/ a small animal? (It would have
    to be in his room as the cats are not allowed in that part
    of the house.
  • I know you posted a long time ago and was wondering if you ever got a pet? My vote would be for a g. pig or small breed rabbit. Both are fairly kid friendly and easy to care for.
  • Are you talking to me?
    This email/thread came up in an unusual way, so I am going to assume you are talking to me. No, I never did get another pet. We actually saw a note on the vets board about free rabbits with cages. We (my stepson - 14yo, son - 4yo & myself) were very tempted. My husband wasn't. Then a day or so later one of my inside cats was having trouble with constipation and my other inside cat walked accross the board game we were playing then yacked (threw up) on the carpet about a foot behind me. I decided then that I didn't need anymore pets to clean up after at this time. Maybe in another year or so. I still enjoy hearing about small pet ownership though.
  • Hi,
    Sorry for the unusual post(s). I'm having a bit of trouble navigating this site. I'm very computer illerate. I was trying to respond to a post where they had asked for ideas on small pets.
    Who knows what I've done. LOL Good thing I'm better with critters than computers. Robin in NC
  • I don't think it was anything you did, but it came up with just two posts. It didn't list the previous post or pages of posts that went with the original question. Then when I tried to go back to other posts, it brought up the new question about ferrets. Very curious. Anyway, with Easter coming up, I have bunnies on the mind again. Oh well.
  • Yes, bunnies and duckies! I used to get so many calls right after Easter of bunnies running loose. People think they are cute and when that wears off they just open the door and let them go. Unfortunatley most don't have the skills to survive like wild rabbits. Sure wish people would bea bit more responsible.
    Happy Spring!
  • Yes, that is a situation where I wouldn't mind taking on a poor abandoned bunnie. My 4 yo recently said he wanted a pink & yellow bunny (He usually says white.) & I thought, 'At Easter time you might actually be able to find a pink & yellow bunnie.' I knnow I've seen chicken that they managed to dye in a rainbow of colors.
  • I say get a Guinea Pig. Soooooo easy 2 care 4 and they actually do not require much time at all!!
  • I agree g. pigs are great but do a litte research. They need extra vit c and they need a diet with Timothy hay and not alfalfa. Many products are alfalfa based. They also should not be put into a wire cage bottom. And don't forget your fruits and veggies too! They do need exersice or they get fat and that's not healthy.
    Just in general most little critters including birds have dietary needs but most are easily fulfilled with a little knowledge. I even feed my guys sprouts and mash I make up for the birds. They seem to really like it.
    A good place to look is
    Of course you can do searches and find lots on info.
    Robin in NC
  • Robin,
    Do u have a GP??