Cat urinates outside box

  • I've always had dogs so this is new to me. When my mom died her cat came to live with me and she's been great, sleeps in the bed with me, tells me when she wants food and treats, loves to be combed and held, and all of the sudden she's started urinating outside of her litter box. I cleaned it really good thinking maybe it was the smell or something? That didn't work. I changed litter and still, outside the box. It's only every now and then that she does this and I'm lucky it's on a tile floor. Any idea why or what I can do? She's a happy cat, sitting in my lap as I type, so I'm just confused about this.
  • Hi Darla,

    Some cats can't seem to deal with change very well. I don't know how to correct the problem you are having, but maybe if you make the cats schedule as routine as possible. Cats also don't like it when the furniture is rearranged.

    We recently lost power for many days due to an ice storm and just loosing our power caused one of my cats to not handle it well physically, days later when power was restored she returned back to her normal self.
  • Cats can urinate outside the litter box for various reasons. One, she may have a medical condition. If you rule out stressors, then seek a Vet's opinion. Another is stress. If she is stressed due to the death of her owner, she might do this for awhile. Have you changed to non-perfumed litter? Perfumed litter is not tolerated well by some cats. One other thing, have you tried the closed in type versus the open type? My cat likes the scratch her litter all over the place, so I got her a closed in type where she has to go through the door to potty. Now, I have very little litter all over the place and she enjoys being able to hide out in the litter box while going potty. It is also important to keep the litter box clean. Good luck!
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    She's been with me since July and the first thing I did was put her litter box in a room where I knew it'd stay, so it's not been moved at all. Well, only to clean. The door is open all the time so she can go in and out, and about the only time she stays in there is when she wants to lay in her bed and look out the window. I'm using the same brand of litter that my mom always did too, so I'm just confused. She has a litter box with the lid on it and the door. She's been to the vet and they did blood work and everything was fine there too. I'm at a loss. She's using the doggie door and goes in the back yard a lot and seems to really love that, even goes out in the rain and then sits at the doggie door and waits for me to dry her off. I don't know, it's just odd to me, and I've never had a cat so I worry.
  • Since nothing else has been changed, my first action would be to take her to a vet to rule out medical issues, such as urinary infection. Cats can easily get this and but it can't go away on it's own. And, give you peace of mind!
  • It sounds like you are doing everything that you can to give your mother's cat a wonderful home. If your vet ruled out urinary tract infections (very common in cats), then you can try keeping the litter box very, very clean. I have 2 fussy female cats who will not use the box unless it is pristine (yes, I'm their human servant -- lol !). I know that cats dislike change, but the opposite just may work. Why not try a new, different style (i.e. open box) litter box? I once had a cat who stopped using his box. I always kept it clean. I finally decided to try a new box (it was also bigger -- which I thought would make it easier for him) and it worked! Of course, I would keep the old box, just in case! Good luck!
  • Are you feeding your cat the same kind of food that your mother did?
  • Are you using a citric acid cleaner when you clean the floor and/or cat box? Cats do not like the smell of Oranges and Lemons. I don't know why...
  • I've learned alot by reading all the posts here. Our cat urinates outside her litter box. We fixed that by getting a enclosed litter box. That was no mess on the floor.