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  • Our cat Tabbie loves to eat cheese and loves to hop into any boxes etc. Blackie and Tabbie both love to be nosy when we are opening anything like presents All my cats love to come and check the mail during the day.
  • OK, I reduced it 50% in both directions, let's see if that does it! This is Rao, who like I said, is Montgomery's twin. He is funny and quirky, and has a lot of personality. He got his name because of two things: one, he is a chatterbox and is always going rao RAO RAOOOO (rhymes with Cow). And the other is that when we first rescued him as a kitten, I was telling a friend of my daughter's, a cat nut who was away at college and studying Chinese. She told me that in Chinese, there is a saying that you can easily turn your mother into a horse... the slightest change in intonation changes the meaning of a word, and we anglo's wouldn't be able to tell the word for mother from the word for horse. She thought "rao" is probably a chinese word and when she looked it up, told that there are 4 meanings for rao, depending on the tonal inflection you use. One is "charming and attractive." That fits! The second is "entwining," like what he does to your feet while you're trying to cook dinner. The third is "annoying and distracting" (nuff said!). And the 4th is "whiskers or stubble." Now how cool is that!?

    P.S. I hope the pic uploads this time!


  • What a cutie! I love the ears! He looks very intelligent, like he knows he is in charge.

    Be Good!

  • Kasparcat your pic came up perfect!!! Now you can share lots of pics with us!!!!

    Love the pic of your Rao!!! I agree with sharon ...he does look like he is in charge!!!

    Thanks for sharing

    Hugs Debbie
  • Thank you! Yes, he is very intelligent and thinks he's in charge. I get a lot of those teenage-son looks from him, when he's done something or other and doesn't understand why I have a problem with it.... "WHAT???"

    Rao followed my son home one day, he was maybe 4 mo old at the time. Rao, not Drew. I am a cat person, hubby is not. When Drew wanted to keep this kitten, I told him, "Daddy is the one you need to convince, not me." But when DH got home and heard about it and say Rao, he asked "So what are you going to name him?"

    Turns out, when DH was growing up, his parents let the kids pick out a kitten, and DH wanted the marmalade tabby... and his little brother wanted "the one with the purple ribbon 'round its neck." DH didn't get the kitten HE wanted.

    Rao has these sort of "frosted" ears, a halo of dark fur that I've never seen the likes of before!

    We have a few differences of opinion, Rao and I. He thinks he deserves a breakfast of canned food the second I wake up, and I think it can wait a bit and be mixed with dry. He thinks that clawing the back of my wheelchair is a reasonable way to communicate that he wants the food or to be let outside NOW, and I do not. And he thinks that crawling the length of the sofa on the floor, paw over paw, is a reasonable way to travel, and i think that is reason for a watergun-spraying.

    Rao is a "man's cat." He comes to check out all visitors, but he stops and hangs out with men. His favorites are ones who have tool belts. When my son-in-law came over and tore up/rebuilt my bathroom to make it wheelchair-accessable, Rao sat and WATCHED the entire time, every day.

    Rao is moving out in a few months. :-(

  • Stunt my cat performs
    Hi - I have a female cat - she is a mix breed of Siamese - she has blue eyes - Calico - she has brown, white, & tan spots - & Tabby - She has orange and white stripes on her forhead in between her eyes.
    I adopted her at our church in Dallas Texas - Her name is Bonnie.,
    Bonnie on any given moment would jump from the shed near the lower roof on our house to the upper roof and proceed to the peek of the roof and sit there where she would swipe at the birds. Unfortunately she has not had a great getting down record from the roof - she fell off the roof one time (this is when we found out she was doing this) and my neighbor found her in the bushes crying and we rushed her to the vet - he said she had broken ribbs - but not no other injuries. It did not stop her - after the six weeks and she was cleared by the doc - all healed - back up on the roof - even though my husband and I did everything to stop her - we moved the shed away from the house so she could not use it to jump on the lower roof. She would sit at my sons window that was access to the roof -and he would let her out not realizing she would climb.
    We have moved to a new house with no low roofing and still if my husband leaves the window open - On the second story - that is connected to the connecting roof - out she goes and climbs to the front of the roof and looks out over the street and then she walks down and across the Port ache to the garage and to the top of the peek of the garage. She will go right back to the window and climb in.
    Thank you,