Crazy, Wacky, Silly, Goofy Cats!

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  • Breezy, LOL!!!
    That would be funny to see-LOL!

    I have two cats now, Chili and Paprika...Chili is the mom. When Chili was a baby she used to go outside with her mom, Spicy. And when Chili was 8 months old she got pregnant and then when she was nearly a year old we moved. She was used to it but being inside since having her kittens and being fixed, she now is terrified of everything. I've let her outside before and she does this everytime, you'd think she was locked up inside all her life-LOL! Her kitten Paprika, who's nearly one now is the one I worry about because when he goes outside he ends up on my neighbor's roofs-LOL! So, I don't let him out anymore...Chili is scared of everything even indoors. Ugh, she's nothing like her mom, Spicy, Chili is frightened of her own shadow-LOL!
  • Thanks...I can give you the whole geanology
    Spicy mom of Chili
    Chili mom of Paprika, (Pepper, Salsa and Cayenne)-who were adopted out and Pepper died...
    And the buck stops here!!!
  • Our cat Minnie is definitely not a lap cat! She's one of those cats that only lets you handle her when she feels like it. But right after I go to bed, she comes into the bedroom and hops up on me, strolls up to my chest, and gently pats at my mouth until I pet her. She especially wants her ears rubbed, what we call "ear-lovin's." Sometimes I play possum and pretend I'm already asleep, but she just goes pitty-pat at my lips until I get the giggles and give in. Then suddenly she'll decide she's had enough attention and wander off again. She's really attached to my DH and loves to sit on him or close to him, but she never plays her bedtime game with him. He's told me that on nights I turn in early, Minnie apparently realizes I'm missing, and she goes in and tries to get me to play. Of course, I'm usually already snoring for real, so she just pats me for a bit, then gives up on me. You just can't train some humans!

    We saw her going bonkers one day, pouncing around on the carpet, and couldn't figure out what she was doing. My DH finally realized that the light was reflecting off the HUGE dial of his watch and Minners was chasing the shiny round reflection on the floor.

    She's one funny cat, our Ms. Minners!
  • One of our cats will sleep with my son at night under the covers and almost "spooning with him" As soon as my oldest goes to bed Tiger will jump up and wait for him hold the covers up and crawl in. He stays with him for about an hour every night!! I have never seen a cat do this before? My son loves it!!
  • How cute, Deb! I had a cat once who had to touch me when I slept. He'd curl up right next to me or just lay one paw on me, but he had to be in contact the whole night. They can be such sweeties.... "Dog people" -- don't get me wrong, I love dogs, too, the bigger and gallumphier the better! -- always seem to think cats are aloof & cold, but I think that they just show their love in different ways. Kind of nice to know your four-legged bud loves you without big, slurpy, dog-breath kisses and muddy paw prints all over your clothes, after all!

    You know you're a true cat person when you learn how to hold the bedclothes up so you can turn over without disturbing the cat sleeping on top of ya!

    The ani cat smilie reminded me of this! Do your kids know Maukie? He (she?) is fun to play with online. You can save him/her to your hard drive, too. Just move your mouse around and watch how the kitty reacts. Be sure to turn the sound on! Virtual purrs are almost as nice as live ones. I resized Maukie and color-coordinated the background to post a mini version on the links page of our family webpages. Cute little gizmo!
  • We have three cats, all rescue babies. Tobie, the oldest is 8, and we got him from the pound. We've had him for 7 1/2 years. We call him the salesman because when we were there at the pound he just acted so lovey and outgoing. Plus he is drop dead gorgeus a silver tabby British Shorthair. Well, we got him home and he immediately went under the bed and didn't come out for weeks. It took about a year for us to be able to hold him in our laps and to this day he will not let us stand and hold him. He also hates kids, and whenever we had neices or nephews around he would hide in the master bedroom and not come out until the coast was clear. We were worried when I became preganant, if by having this baby we were sentencing him to a life under the bed. Well, that has been 2 1/2 years ago, and I am happy to say my daughter is the only kid Tobie will tolerate. Whew!! The funny thing about him is he slobbers! Like a dog! If you have him on your lap and are petting him, he will purr to beat the band and when he leaves you will have a wet spot the size of a plate from him drooling.

    Misty and Lucy were both kittens to feral mothers (we have quuite the feral cat population in our neighborhood). Misty is the fixer. Anybody cries or yells, she has to find out what the problem is. Even the dog, who she just tolerates, got her attention when she got a burr stuck in her pawpad. She gets right up in your face and kisses your chin. Lucy is the baby of our lot. She will be a year in September and our yellow lab Sunny thinks Lucy is her puppy. When Lucy was a baby-baby (we got her when she was about 2 weeks old) Sunny would lick her clean and try to have Lucy sleep with her. We always worried that Sunny would squish her, but to this day they sleep together and they are "best buddies."

    We have a dog, but in truth I am a real cat person. I don't think I could be truly happy without a cat in my life.

  • Hello I just found this thread and thought I would post about our cats. we had a beautiful blue/gray cat named Smokey for 18 years. We had to have him put to sleep last Nov. and I still miss him.
    We now have 2 kitties. Montgomery is a 1 year old striped tabby who thinks he is king of the household. We've had him since last Dec.
    our newest kitty is Gracie she is 1/2 siamese (sp?) and 1/2 heaven only knows.She is aprox. 1 year also. We got her at our local shelter. She is one of 145 yes I said 145 rescued from a home here in town. The couple that owned them started out with two kittens 5 years ago and ended up with 145. They kept them in the baement. The neighbors complained about the smell and animal control rescued them all. any way our only problem with Gracie is even after two baths she still smells anyone have any ideas how to make her smell clean and fresh, not dirty and like urine? She uses the litter box and I change it every morning but she stinks. Any help would be welcome
  • There is a grooming spray that is safe for cats, it smells like apricots and can be found in most pet stores. I want to say it is under $5.00, also talk to a local groomer, they may be able to give you a hint, possibly baking soda or something else benign sprinkled on the cat then brushed out??

    Good luck!

  • Thank you I will check at Petsmart tomorrow. She is such a tiny thing but oh so sweet. We are keeping the two cats seperate for 10 days hopefully they will get along after that. Montgomery knows she is here and so far isn't acting to happy about that fact. We have been spoiling him a little. Any tips on introducing them to each other? They are the same age but he out weighs her by at least 5 lbs.