Help! My kitties have stinky breath

  • I know that this problem isn't going to rock the world but lately I've noticed the both of my kitties have stinky breath.

    Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do to help this problem?
  • What are your kittens eating? Are they eating wet food, or mainly dry kibble (or are they real babies and are still nursing)? Canned wet food can cause more bad breath, because little bits can get stuck in the teeth and gums (just like people who don't brush!). Kibble is dryer and can actually help remove bits and tarter from teeth (and keep them cleaner that canned food alone). When I take my two cats into the vet for check-ups, she actually opens their mouths and sniffs for any foul odor. In this case, she is checking to see if there is any tooth decay (which can lead to foul breath). I doubt that your kittens have tooth decay at such a young age, but you can always ask your vet.
  • Hi Ajrsmom, I do know that a little dry food helps prevent tartar build up. I know that bad breath can also be a sign of something else.. If you go to you can e mail a question and a vet will answer it.....Hope you have luck finding an answer.....
  • Hi Tami

    Have they been dewormed?

  • I am pretty sure that they were checked for worms at each of their check ups last yr. It is coming time for their rabies shots so I guess that I will ask the vet then.

    My older cat is 15 months old and the younger one will be a year old March 19 and they are both eating dry cat food.

    Happy6, I will check out that web site to see if I can find out something there in the meantime.

    Thanks everyone!

    I forgot to add that they are strictly indoor cats and not outside so I don't think that they would've picked anything up that way.