Cat Behavior

  • I think we should also have a topic for cat behavior just like the Dog topic. I am a Huge animal lover, But when it comes between dogs and cats, I lean more towards the felines. Anyway, On New Years Day-January 1st, One of my cats attacked me. A very timid, skiddish cat whom did NOT come from a shelter, the streets or anyone else's home. I have his mother and Max was from her litter. No one wanted to adopt him even though he was the prettiest out of all of the kittens she had. All of my cats are treated the same way, not much of a difference except for the evening at bedtime i would put Valentine (his father in my room with me due to aggressive behavior towards his father.) Well this was not the first time he attacked me, but this was worse and more vicious. If it wasn't for the other two cats attacking him to get him off of me, i have no idea how much more damage would have been done. I ended up going to the emergency room, bleeding on my left leg in several areas and my hand which was the most blood from him getting one of my veins due to trying to get him off of me. I was in fear in my own home for a few days, having problems sleeping even though i had my door closed, i was going to call a Vet to bring him in to see what they would tell me. But he attempted to do it again, my heart started racing, hands shaking, ran into my son's room and closed the door, stayed in there until someone came to the house. Though i stayed in that room until he was caught and placed into a carrier. The vet didn't have anything available until the following day so i decided to bring him into manhattan to the animal medical center. I already knew what i was going to do, though i was also looking for answers on why he was this way. He was sooo skiddish and any little noise made him go nuts. The first time he attacked me all i did was go into my room for something, removed a large bag and he leaped at me. The second time (which brought me to the hopsital) i was leaving the room to get the phone in the other room and accidently stepped on his mother, not hard, But enough she yelped. I checked on her and she was fine. when i came back into the room just about to sit down he viciously attacked me, non stop, i was screaming, yelling, trying to push him off and nothing..until the other cats jumped in. This is when i was able to get away and ran into my son's room to wake him up to tell him i needed to go to the emergency room. Blood dripping throughout the house, my son was panicking, freaking out. At the hospital they thought a dog attacked me.I was a wreck, not knowing what to do, what they would tell me, scared of being in my own home (apt). Then the last time of another attempt, and all i was doing was going into my room and getting a pair of scissors, i fumbled over a book, wasn't even too loud of a noise. The vet at the hospital told me it sounds like he had some sort of mental disorder, which can happen with cats just like dogs. I was a wreck..crying hysterically from my nerves being shot, from knowing i was going to be making a decision on putting him to sleep. I had him since he was born, he was part of our family. After they put him to sleep i spent a bit of time with him to say my goodbyes. It was killing me inside. But i knew there was nothing else i could do. An animal that is that aggressive no one would want or can even trust.
    Has anyone else come across a situation like this? Hugs, Melinda
  • I used to have cats but dont now as thay finaly died and havent been able to get another yet. But all my cats had their oun personality and one was always the baby and the other was the ruller, of all of them and the other one was realy jelious when we tryed to hold a baby or one of the other cats but he finally settled down after awhile good luck with yours.
  • Wow, Melinda,

    Sounds like you have had a bad experience. I feel so bad that you had to put him to sleep, but the vet was right, there are some cats that are not right in the head. You can't live in fear in your own home. My Aunt had a cat like that, and she had to put it down too. Please don't blame yourself, you did the best you could.

    I have two cats, with two very distinct personalities. My cat, Cookie, who is 11, is a calm, laid back cat. He is just as sweet as he can be. Now my other cat, Simba, who is 6, is a little bit more high strung. He loves to play fetch, believe it or not.
  • My one cat loved to play catch to with of all things rolled up foil and would play for hours the other one was very skiddish around kids and would hide in my closet when thay were there. but was a lover he always wanted to be in your lap and was jelous when you held a baby.
  • Melinda --I'm so sorry to read about your experience. I've never heard anything like that. I'm sure that you did everything possible, but it sounds like it was a very troubled pet.

    I'm an animal-lover too, but I do have a soft spot for cats. I currently have 2. One is a sleek black & white cat. She is super-smart! She will fetch and play "hide-n-seek" with her toys. We hide her favorite toy, and she finds it and brings it back to us. The other cat, a tortise-shell, is a little chubby and not quite as good with tricks. She likes to "attack" my sandals when I'm not wearing them. I must say that it looks like the sandal usually wins! They are both very sweet and loving (and spoiled!).
  • Hi Melinda,

    I am sooo sorry for you all, the loss of a family member, (yes, a cat is a family member...) like this is tragic.

    Maybe I can give you a partial response, so it does not happen again.

    When I married two years ago, I married a cat-lover, like myself. She had two cats (1 young SIAMESE !!! and 1 elderly,arthritic and tempermental) My two cats were (1 adopted stray and 1 jealous male - who hadn't quite "digested" the presence of another cat)

    I am studying to be a Bach Flower Therapist. Dr. Bach's essences have worked wonders to resolve the emotional ups-and-downs of our family for years. I knew that this system also works miracles with animals... So I started using them with our cats.

    Two years later, three of the four cuddle together and mutual groom, while the forth, rather than hiding in a corner, will be on a chair beside the others.

    I started with Rescue Remedy (available in health food stores...) and worked from there.

    The definative guide to Bach for Cats is as follows:

    Emotional Healing for Cats by Stefan Ball and Judy Howard - a definite guide to helping cats with flower remedies. Understand your cat's mind, select the right remedies, and deal with a whole host of behavioural and emotional problems.

    Good Luck
  • Wow -- I've got to check out the "Emotional Healing for Cats". I've never heard of anything like it. The only herbs/flowers I've ever used to medicate my cats is catnip! It seems to make them a little silly, but as long as they are not "...driving or operating any dangerous machinery (lol)" I'm not too worried!

  • LOL,

    Did I mention that I am also a Master Herbalist?

    (Most) herbs humans use also works quite well on cats; you think catnip makes them silly, you should see what Valerian does...

    Please use powdered or very small pieces. It is twiggy; and I would worry about it doing the same thing as chicken bones.

    Also have quite a few rather large authoritative reference manuals on herbal and alternative medicine for animals.

    I use herbs, homeopathy and etc on our 'Brood' daily and Saavik (our eldest, 16 in March) has not been to a vet since she has been under my care. My wife says that she is back to doing things that she hasn't since she was 4 or 5.

    All I can say; is that her health and disposition improve daily and she has gone from SQUATTING (ie Squatter) the warmest place in our appartment - attacking any cats and humans who approached, to being a total nutcase who climbs, rolls, plays and jumps.

    (When I first met her, she laid my thumb open to the bone when I wanted to let her sniff my hand. She now lays beside me and purrs....)