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  • Anyone (maybe Kimmyo since she works at a vet clinic?) know what to do when you've pulled a tick off of a dog and then the sight swells up and it looks like there may be a head or something of the tick left there? My poodle girl had a tick on her eyelid and I pulled it off but now it's swollen and sore looking. HELP! (actually we'll probably see the vet tomorrow if you can't help in a hurry)
  • I found this:

    Removing ticks incompletely may allow portions of the mouth parts or head of the tick to remain attached to the skin. Infections and scar tissue that may never go away can be the result of ineffective tick removal.
    And this:

    Only a small proportion of ticks here carry the disease but some areas are worse affected than others. It takes at least 48 hours for the bacteria to be transmitted to the animal so the usual advice now is to remove any tick as quickly as possible.
    The best way to remove them is to kill them first by covering with vaseline, cooking oil, or grease, which causes them to suffocate or to spray with insecticide. After leaving them for a while (a couple of hours) you can then pull them off with finger-nails, tweezers or special tick removers from pet shops. Grip them as close to the skin as possible without squeezing the grey part, and pull. Try to get the whole thing out including the jaws. When it's out, clean with antiseptic and wash your hands.

    Ticks are most common in summer so it's worth checking your dog over every time it's been out. Often you can catch them before they get a chance to attach.
    Sorry about your pup We found a tick today too after my hubby and brother took one of my son's fishing for his birthday. It was on the arm of my couch right where my brouther was sitting and next to where my son was standing. So it had to have been on one of their clothes! I checked TJ thoroughly and didn't find any. So hopefully there aren't any more, but now I'm going to be much more cautious. YUK
  • PrairieRose...I'm sorry I did not see this sooner! Because you are dealing with a very sensitive area (the eye region) I would be very cautious about what you put on the affected area. Your vet is probably the best person to treat this if it appears infected. The advise that Amanda gave for removing ticks is very good. The best advice I can give you for future use is PREVENTION!! There are some wonderful products on the market today for flea and tick prevention. I do not want to sound like a salesman so if you are interested in a reccomendation you may pm me and I'd be glad to reccomend a product for you. Sorry I could not be of more help.
  • Kim, please go ahead and post the recommendations here. We know you won't make any money off of it and I would love to know what the best ones are so I can get some. Thanks!
  • Thanks a lot girls. I'm gonna take to her to the dr. I think. She's my baby and I can't stand for her to suffer if there's something that can be done for it. She's not suffering now, but I don't want her to come down with an infection or something. Thanks again.
    Lots of good info on ticks and removal and stuff.
  • Here is my own PERSONAL OPPINION on flea and tick prevention and control:

    1) If you are only concerned with fleas, Advantage is the best topical product you can buy. Available from a vet, but it does not require a prescription. Apply monthly.

    2) For fleas and ticks, I like Frontline Plus. Again it is available through your vet and does not require a prescription. Apply monthly.

    3) Preventic Collars- great tick collar lasts 3 months. Can be used along with Frontline or Advantage if you have a serious problem. Again available through your vet.

    Ticks can cause a lot of health problems ( Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Tick Paralysis) for your pets that can end up costing you a lot of money, not to mention endangering your pet.

    Check with your local vet to find the best product for your pet.
  • Hi, I also work in a vet clinic. I agree with Kim's recommendations. We don't really have a flea problem up North here, so we just use Frontline or Preventic for the ticks.
  • Quote:
    Originally posted by PrairieRose
    Thanks a lot girls. I'm gonna take to her to the dr. I think. She's my baby and I can't stand for her to suffer if there's something that can be done for it. She's not suffering now, but I don't want her to come down with an infection or something.
    Did you take her to the vet today? What happened? She ok?
  • No I didn't take her today. It was a lot better this morning and I'm going to watch it for another day or two. We are tied up for the next 2 days so I have to wait till Thursday unless it gets worse. If it's not a lot better by then I'll be taking her for sure.
  • PrairieRose....I checked with my vet and he said to watch it and if it appeared inflamed or oozing then definitely be concerned. He also noted that it is not unusual for the site to be red and tender or swollen right after removing a tick. Much like it is when you or I am bit by a mosquito or ant. Good Luck, and again if you ever have any doubts always seek the advise of your vet.