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Amanda 06-07-2002 09:05 PM

Reporting animal abuse
What organization can I call that will keep me anonymous, yet start watching someone for abuse? There's a man who lives nearby that has a beautiful, well fed doberman. Problem is, he obviously hasn't fully trained the dog and it has scared the wits out of several neighbors, including children. It barks incessently, and has gotten out of his confined area and ran toward people barking before. He's never actually bitten anyone that I know of, but he has definitely given some a fright! Another time, within the last 4 weeks, his dog lunged at my dog at a little league game. He did the right thing by putting the dog away, but the dog has some serious bahavioral and social issues.

This dog owner frequents a nursing home at the end of my street. I witnessed him beating the snot out of the dog because the dog jumped into the front seat of the truck before the man told him to. So he proceeded to swear and hit him until he got out, then he practically beat him to put him back into the truck. it was ridiculous! He lives very close to a friend of mine who has also witnessed abuse. She's heard him yelling (didn't understand what he was saying, just heard the loud yelling) and has seen him hitting the dog and has watched him throw objects at him. She is actually going to court over it, and I am hoping that they take the dog away, but chances are that won't happen.

I on the other hand, would like to go about this discreetly. My son and his nephew are on the same baseball team, he lives down the street, has friends in the nursing home I live two doors away from, and this is a very small town. I'd like to report what I saw, but am not quite ready to come forward in court. :( I know I sound chicken, and I know that I can make a difference in court, but I want to report this to one of those animal activist groups first and see what they say.


emajmom 06-08-2002 07:10 AM

Re: Animal Abuse
Well that just breaks my heart......nothing hurts me more than an animal getting abused...somtimes you just have do the RIGHT thing and report this incident....not only for the dogs sake but for the sake of the next poor child (maybe your son or nefhew) who happens to walk by at the wrong time and get bite...or even worse.....I know this can probably cause some friction in a small town but what kind of friction do you think it would cause if that dog does bite someone, because this idiot has the poor thing so mean and you could have done somthing to prevent it.....

"the ASPCA Government Affairs continues Henry Bergh's mission by actively working for the passage of legislation and citizen initiatives and the adoption of public policies that recognize animals as living, sentient beings who warrant protection and respect. "

"what you know may be the only hope for an unhappy animal."


kimmyo 06-08-2002 01:33 PM

Amanda, I don't know about the town you live in but here it works like this.

1) If you live with-in the city limits and you have an Animal Control Officer you can contact them and you can remain annonymous in many situations.

2) If you live outside the city limits you can contact the local Sherifs office.

3) If you have a local Humane Society or Animal Shelter you can contact them.

4) Contact your local vet for advice.

The law is very strict these days and abuse is no longer tolerated on animals and in many instances is considered a felony offense.

janet 06-09-2002 08:15 AM

Reporting Animal Abuse
Hi! I know it sounds scary to turn your neighbor in but it is the only thing to do for the dog and your neighborhood. Ask to be kept anonymous. In rural areas the County Police take these kind of messages and tell them you fear retaliation from the owner.

Men like this are what give Doberman dogs a bad name, they feel if they beat them they will become meaner dogs and better guard dogs. In fact it makes the dog not trusting of anyone, especially males.

Keep on talking to all local offices till someone listens!

PrairieRose 06-09-2002 09:33 AM

:mad: That is terrible. I would think the SPCA would help out. I don't blame you for wanting to remain annon. I would too having to live so closely to someone. Good luck, keep us posted.

lawnangel 06-18-2002 11:15 PM

How sad for that poor dog. I wouldn't care if I was annonomys (sp) or not, I would definately call the Humane Society to start with. They will have any further information you may need. And I would do this NOW..........


That just makes me so upset :(

Bast wishes............:-:

CulinaryJen 07-27-2002 01:28 AM


Years ago...I was trained as a State Humane Officer in California. The reason why they want your name is that IF something is going on, they need you as a witness. If you don't give a name, they are unable to make a case of it.

It protects the owner of the pet from angry neighbors, friends, family members...

MrsManiac 08-27-2002 04:39 AM

I understand about wanting to stay anonymous. I'm having problems with a guy down the street that "abused his dog to death"--no food, no water, outside in FREEZING weather, he'd kick it to get it to obey him...grrr:mad: Animal Control came out when it was dying in his neighbor's backyard and put it out of it's misery. He promptly got another dog, and as soon as it started, I called the humane society. I didn't want to give my name(also live in a small town where everyone knows your business;) ), but felt it neccessary for the safety of the dog, as well as the neighborhood kids. Now I have to deal with this fool on a daily basis(at least until he gets kicked out of his house--but that's another story). Funny thing is, he won't actually come up into the yard--he's afraid of my two dogs lol.

Don't be afraid of giving your name--they won't tell who reported it unless it goes to court! At least that's how it's done here.

Miss Kitty 01-21-2004 02:59 PM

Ditto to what has been said before. Just adding my moral support.
Years ago I was a Child Protective Services counselor. While on a home visit I witnessed a man beating his dog with a large chain. It was trying to cower under his van. Not only did I pull into his drive and jump out to start yelling at him, I wrote down his address and plate number right in front of him.
Then I drove the 4 miles to the Humane Society where I turned him in. I waited the 30 minutes while an officer went out and rescued the dog, he had 2 broken ribs, bruises, and was malnourished, worms, the whole kit and kaboodle.
They arrested the man that afternoon. He was placed on court supervision, ordered not to own any more animals, and the judge ordered him to serve 500 hours community service at the Humane Society!^^
Go that extra mile, animals can't speak for themselves!

AnnaInOhio 03-11-2004 07:48 AM

I am way late on this thread but have to say for anyone out there now dealing with a similiar issue, please do call either a humane society, the police, the sheriff, someone.... a animal cannot defend itself against a mean human being.

We saw a situation like this once while traveling home from Georgia in 2001. We were in a restaurant parking lot in Virginia and this little dog who was too short to jump up in the bed of the pickup this guy had, he kicked the dog and picked it up and body slammed it into the bed of the truck. It tore my heart out. I wanted badly to say something but we were strangers in a strange town and for all we knew, the jerk coulda been the sheriff's son. But I will never forget it as long as I live.


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