How do I stop dogs from marking things?

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  • Thanks boggz! We have been gone alot this week with different things gouing on.We are trying to get the trailer ready so we can get moved in around the first of March.Also dd is starting her first job today so she won't have as much time with Snicker's.
  • I have a different problem. How do you keep the dog out of the trash and how do you keep him from eating a whole roll of toliet paper (unused)?
  • As for the toilet paper, I close the door to the bathroom. The trash, I put on top of the counter or in the sink while I am gone or busy so that he cannot get into it.
  • Brittney the one we just lost is Chihuahua and shizu and she was a fantastic little girl. We have her sister and she is so lonley so we went out and got a 9 month old male (that is being neutered Thursday) and he is marking. I've tried vinegar,baking soda. and the deer hunting neutralizer and so far that is what is helping. None of my other dogs mark and never have but this little guy is sure saying"I"M THE BIG GUY AROUND HERE AND Y"ALL BETTER LISTEN"
  • My DH came for a visit with his chihuahua. She is a female. Females don't seem to need to mark things. However, my boys mark where she's been. The good thing about the new place in which we live is there is NO carpeting. This makes clean-up simple. In this house, our trash can is in a closed in closet. So, no more putting the trash on the washer or counter. As for the toilet paper, my dog stopped eating and destroying that when he got older.

    I agree, one male dog is trying to tell the others whose property it is and he is claiming it.

    Haley's Grandmom, I am sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it is to lose a pet. I still mourn Jet-Bo, whom I was so close to. I doubt I will ever be as close to another dog as I was this one, again. His nephew is blind, has glaucoma, and has arthritis. Recently, we awakened with blood all over the pillow and sheets in the bed. It seems, during one of his mid-night walks around the house, he bumped his nose. I am torn between putting him to sleep or waiting. His appetite goes from very hungry and eating well to not eating. He still have a terrific energy level. Although he limps, he still walks around all the time. He goes to the children (his nose works perfectly fine) and tries to climb on their table and beg for food. He plays with Daddy for treats. It is difficult when they get this age.
  • Update on Brittney: WE HAVE HER BACK!!!!Yahooooo We have no idea whether she tried to come home on her own or what but she was found at one of our neighbors homes and they found her about 5 miles from our house. We live about 15 miles from where she had been stolen. We will never know what happened or how she got to gumdale but that is where these people found her and they had her 3 weeks before our Pastor found her for us.
  • When we first moved to NM, we were allowing our cats to come and go. Our oldest cat disappeared! Someone said there were foxes in the area who killed cats. So, we figured she was killed and mourned her lose. 6 months later, a man called me and said he found my cat! She was thin and sickly, but alive. He got my number through the Vet whose number was on the license on her tag. I went and got her and sure enough, he was so thin that I was afraid that she was going to float away! She took a long time before she trusted us again and would eat from us again. But, after awhile, she became more of her old self. I have always wondered what she went through during those 6 months, but was grateful to the man who called and connected me to my pet again.

    I am so glad you got yours back.