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Pets & Animals Whether you have dogs, cats, ferrets, birds or horses, post with others in this friendly pet forum. Lost a pet? We have a Rainbow Bridge forum too.

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Old 06-07-2002, 09:59 PM
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Old 06-08-2002, 12:27 PM
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shocking Weird Stuff Cats Eat

I have a cat that eats styrofoam, one that eats cardboard, one that eats through plastic to get to anything, bread included. And then I have one who loves chocolate. He is a chocoholic. We do not give him any since it is poisonous to cats but anytime he smells chocolate he comes running and tries to mooch it away from you. If you are not carefull he will reach out his paw and steal it off your plate. I used to have one that like green beans, but apparently that is not al that unusual. Cats are nuts!!
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Old 06-08-2002, 05:35 PM
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blushing cat's weird food tastes

O.K. I know this is going to sound real weird, but one of my cats likes ear wax. No, we didn't set out to feed her any of course, but if she gets the scent on our fingers she goes absolutely nuts !!! It's kind of embarrasing, revolting and cute at the same time !!
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Old 06-08-2002, 07:39 PM
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my kitties

hello to everyone.

my 4 furry kids are the silliest.

Tiger- he is about 13 years old.(orange tabby)
he loves milk, fruit yogurt, steak,pork chops,pudding,ice cream, tuna,chicken,and of course cat treats and cat food.
his talent is that he loves to fetch those foam cat toy balls.
he is the "boss" of the other two and tells on them if they use the litter box and dont bother to cover it up.

Romeo-he is about 8 years old.(large built-all white)
he loves any kind of fruit. his favorites are mandarin oranges, navel oranges,pineapple,bananas, and apples. he also loves milk and ice cream-but is lactose intolerant-so i cant let him have any.
he also loves tuna,most meats, and of course those overpriced bags of soft cat treats-mousers,fishies,cluckers,etc. and he goes absolutely nuts for anything sweet (seems strange-loves tart fruits and gooey sweets)
he is the most lovable cat-even to strangers-but can be the biggest bully sometimes to the other two. i snap my finger when i scould him (means NO), and he back talks back with a fussy meow. he also has a bad habit of howling while walking through the house in the middle of the night sometimes.( i just snap my fingers loudly a couple times and i can hear him sass me back all the way from the other end of the house-nut he does stop when i snap). he also has an ear wax fetish-he used to steal used qtips out of the trash can in the bathroom and then run off and hide and eat the cotton of the end of the qtip. we used to find the qtip sticks under the bed. he also will go up to your ears and act like he just caught a whiff of catnip (earwax)-yuck!!!! we now of course dispose of the qtips in the enclosed kitchen can.

Monte-he is 7 years old.(petite silver grey tabby mix)
he loves,loves, loves anything dairy!!! milk,ice cream,whipped cream-he will beg and cry until you share.
he also loves all meats- and of course those cat treats the other 2 love also. they all get a few before bedtime every night.
he is the baby-he crawls up on my shoulders and in my lap while i am on the computer. he also gets really excited while looking out the windows at the birds- and makes excited little chirps back at the birds. sounds just like them-maybe he hopes one will come over to the window to chat with him - hehe.

oliver-he is five years old.(beagle mix)
i should mention he is a dog-but was raised from a 4 mo pup by all 3 of the cats-so he really acts like a cat.
he grooms and licks himself like a cat.
he pounces on balls and toys like a cat.
i honestly think he thinks he is a cat.
he gets a can of tuna once a week with the other cats when they do.
he of course loves to eat anything-the dog in him i guess.
he looks so sad and left out if i dont include him in a game of catch the feather on the stick.
he also gets treats at bedtime too (dog treats of course).
he also lets the cats drink out of his water dish and romeo snatch a piece of kibble and play ball with it by smacking it all over the kitchen floor.
My 3 yr old son, tyler, tries to convince oliver that he is a horse.
he loves to ride him and the dog plays right along.
poor dog probably has no idea what animal he really is.

animals are soo wonderful-yet soo silly.
just like us sometimes.
i couldnt imagine life without them.

sincerely-sheila ann anderson
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Old 06-08-2002, 07:49 PM
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I used to have a cantelope-loving cat years ago, Sneakers jumped int the fridge unbeknownst to my mother and stayed in there for half an hour. Heard a scratching on the door, opened it, and he jumped out. Had eaten 1/4 of a cantelope in there, rind, seeds, and all.

Minx was born on a horse farm and looks like a purebread smoke Persian, but she fought for food with 17 other cats when she was a kitten, so she will eat ANYTHING. Including sauerkraut, cabbage, refried beans, yogurt, plain unadorned spaghetti, anything with tomato sauce on it, bread. I called her the Maytag cat, she would lick any plate clean. The other cats sit there and stare at her, as if to say, "Why bother? There's nothing THERE."

A friend's cat drank beer, Pepsi, and ate potato chips.

I had a roommate cooking a batch of pancakes one time, Theta went flying across the kitchen and grabbed one being flipped, darted into the living room and hid under the sofa eating it and growling. When I tried to take it away, she was just glaring. Other than that, the sweetest, gentlest cat you could ever know.

And then there was Kaspar. He had only one really oddball food like. Canned peaches. WOuld jump on my daughter's lap and grab them off a spoon while she was eating them. One time, I made some upside down cakes as a gift and had them wrapped in Saran Wrap on the dining room table. I walked back into the room and found that Kaspar had ripped open the Saran Wrap, torn through the cake to eat the peaches off the bottom. He didn't touch the pineapple upside down cake, though.

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Old 06-08-2002, 08:16 PM
FamilyCorner Newbie
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Delaware
Posts: 19
I also have a cat named Kitty who loves olives! The first time she ever had one was when we were having a salad for supper, she got up on the chair & used her paw to swipe one off the top! She has to roll with it first, then takes it apart,then enjoys it.She will be 16 yrs. old next month!
I think she had a stroke a few months ago...Has anyone ever heard of a cat having a stroke?
Cats are truly amazing and this cat has been a true (but spoiled) friend! Vikki
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Old 06-09-2002, 12:19 PM
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We have four cats. The oldest is outside Murrey, he has refused to come into the house since we had kittens born in the house last summer. He likes to kill for food, but he will eat dry cat food. Now the kittens will only drink water out of a bowl in the sink. If you put the bowl on the floor they will knock it over. They all love icecream any flavor chocolate, strawberry, cherrynut, vanilla, any icecream. It comes out and they congrigate. And pasta, you start to boil it and they come running, it doesn't matter what kind they will eat it. When it comes to hot dogs they steal them and play with them but won't eat them. I had to get a new fish tank because one of them had put a hole in the seal around the bottom and we were getting a major leak. Plus we only had 1 fish left they had killed the rest and ate them. They all like to take a bubble bath once in a while, not sure if this is by design or an accident, but about every 2 oer 3 months one if not all fall in the tub. I think they do it on purpose so they can be wrapped in a towel and cuddled. One of the kittens will wake me up as an asthma attack is about to start. Which is nice they don't get so severe anymore. He also likes to tell me it is bedtime when he is ready and I am not, he will keep bugging me until I go to bed then he lays on or beside my feet all night.. Sometime all three will take turns sleeping with me or my daughter. We will wake up with one or three cats on us. Don't you just have to love them.
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Old 06-10-2002, 08:59 AM
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Despite the fact that they are sisters, my two cats are as different as they can be, and this extends to their eating habits, too.

Baby Sweets (Alpha Cat of the Universe) won't eat anything unless it's come out of a small can and is in her food dish. Has been known to walk past STEAK on a plate on the floor without so much as a casual sniff.

Chloe (The LumpyCat), on the other hand, will eat anything -- anything at all -- but the greener the better. Beans, peas, asparagus -- she adores veggies of all kind. When she was little, she would "keep me company" at the sink as I prep ared broccoli for dinner, following my every move as I popped off the little florets, washed them, and tossed them in the colander to drain. She loved to snatch a floret out of the colander, streak off through the house to some secret cat spot, and chow down. Then she'd stroll back into the kitchen, quite casually, and hop up on the counter again to wait for another floret. Such a strange little thing...

I mix alfalfa and radish sprouts into their canned food, and they both love them. Baby Sweets doesn't even notice them, but they do seem to soothe the savage Veggie Beast in Chloe...
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Old 06-10-2002, 04:42 PM
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I know that it is probably pretty strange to have a cat that eats bread, but all of my cats are bread lovers. Sometimes, I will put out bread pieces and crumbs, my 9 cats hear me coming and devour ALL of it before anything else can even spot it. The bread is for the sparrows and other little birds.:mad: :mad: :mad:
katiebird, the cat lover!!!
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Old 06-11-2002, 07:18 AM
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Strange Kitty cravings!

Our cats eat fairly normal things with tuna being the favorite.
But our alpha male cat 'Snickers' loves celery tops and will roll around in them just like catnip. When I buy celery I have to take a few of the leafy tops and put them out on the porch for him,he will push them into his face and fir and generally get excited the way other cats do with catnip.He chews on them too. He also loves salad with garlicy Italian dressing. I try not to give it to him though, he will try to steal it however. 'Timu' the younger male cat loves garlic bread. No garlic bread is safe in the house from him!
'Piewackit' my husband favorite tomcat who died about 16 yrs (a neighbor had been working on his car and topped off his fluids without hosing down his driveway, afterwards Piewacket got into the antifreeze,poor kitty. (Now there are plenty of pet safe alternatives on the market to antifreeze,thankfully.)
He adored sauted mushrooms and actually loved Chinese food.
Stirfried Chicken with bokchoi,carrot and mushroom in a mild sauce was his favorite. Homemade or take out Chinese food it didn't matter
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