You let your cats run loose in your home or keep them caged when you are not home?

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  • i have one out door cat and one indoor cat
    suvanna is what i like to call my wild child
    but she had a bed time she has to be in by dark
    i live in town and she dosent have a collar and i feel safer to have all my animals in the house at night it would be diffrent if i had a big lot

    i also have a dog we have to keep tied up when he is out or he would run all over town
    he is a begel pritty cute little gaffer
  • My cats are all indoor/outdoor but I make sure they are all inside at night so I know they are safe. We also have a new kitten but he doesn;t go outside at all yet. We found him when he was very tiny in our shed (no mom to be found) fed him, and after a few days brought him inside and he has been here ever since. He shows no desire to go outside which I think is because he was so terrified when he was tiny. I hope he stays an indoor cat.