You let your cats run loose in your home or keep them caged when you are not home?

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  • My cat has free run of the house. She pretty much lays around looking out the window.
  • Well I now have 6 indoor cats so needless to say they now run the house! LOL They get to roam where they want and in the summer we leave the deck open (on second floor) for them to wander in and out. We also have 2 outdoor cats that live in a pen with BB the beagle, so they all get plenty of climbing and running excercise. When we put that pen up we left two trees in it and cut them off below the roof of the pen so they "perch" in the trees and love watching the free range chickens.
  • Good morning alll!!
    I have an indoor cat. I used to have an indoor/outdoor cat, until he contracted feline leukemia from being in a fight with another infected cat in the neighborhood. In my area there are lots of strays with the disease, and also lots of other animals with rabies (racoons, opossums, ground hogs, squirrels).

    When I decided I needed another cat for company, I decided I would not that cat out for all the rice in China.

    Asher is a lovely cat and actually prefers to just sleep on my bed, stretched out along the pillows with her nose and sometimes her paws under the pillows.

    Take care all!! Norma
  • Norma, That is funny about your cat sticking its paws under the pillow. One of our kitties likes to lay on my husband's slippers with her paws stuck inside them. It is so cute!
  • You let your cats run loose in your home
    When my Babies were small we nevwe caged them unless we were going out and thay never got on the table or counters as we trained them not to it took a little time but it was worth it. But tyay wanted to sleep with us all the time and it was nice in the winter when my feet were cold. But I think that what ever works for you is fine, both of mine are gone now, so now We have 2 birds a ****tiel and a baby parekeete.
  • One of my cats likes to climb up between the comforter and blanket. You can't even see him there. I plopped a basket of laundry right next to him one time and that's how I found out he does that. Another time I flipped all the blankets to the end of the bed so I could make it and I flung him right out of the bed.
  • OMG, Donna, that is too funny.
  • You should have seen the look he gave me after he recovered from the shock
  • Our 6 cats have the run of the house, but we don't allow them in the back of the house. We have an open floor plan for the living/den/kitchen/dining areas, with a door into a hallway that leads to the bathrooms and bedrooms. Our cats are good girls, but it's just too tempting for them to tinkle on warm laundry or on the beds. We are slowly but surely getting them all spayed, and when one gets spayed she *is* allowed in the back of the house while she heals. She stays in our bedroom and master bathroom with her own litter box, food, water, and bed. So far it's worked out well. And, amazingly, they all peacefully coexist with the Rottie!
  • We have 3 cats and they have free roam of the house. Only 1 has ever gone up on my kitchen counters and we stopped that quick with a water gun......she was an adopted cat from a family who moved. the 2 we raised from kittens were always taught to stay off the counters. The only time we restrict movement is on christmas Eve, Easter (can you imagine how much fun silver foil eggs can be to a cat?) and when we are doing work on the house and have to leave doors open. We use the laundry room/bathroom downstairs for this. Their litter boxes and food and water are in that room. Our cats are not allowed outside at all. I can not deal with the dirt and diseases they can pick up from outside.

    Hugs debbie