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myrrie 05-23-2002 11:47 AM

horse dream mansion!
^^ I live in the UT desert but while on my way traveling to my Dad's in NY, upstate for his 90th b-day party I found my dream place. It has a huge house by by standards, 2500 sf and 86 acres of land. I want so much to purchase it, sell our UT home and turn it into a b&b with horse facilities, maybe stable a couple horses besides my own, finish the walk out basement as an apartment, (I have thought of a million ways to make it pay for itself) but how does one go about buying with little cash, lots of debt, but mostly lots of dream!

Anyone know how a person would do this. It looks to be much more economical than living in the desert, besides I am tired of brown and would love to be where it is green again.

jkmcc 05-26-2002 06:11 AM

Horse dream mansion
I would suggest you talk to someone who already owns a b&b in NYS. If you could sell your place in UT and take out a loan, you might be able to get started. In my estimation taxes are high in NYS. Better check this out too.

How many horses do you have?

myrrie 05-26-2002 09:31 AM

NYS horse dream
::-):: sorry if I wrote in a misleading way. I love the farm I grew up on but my brother owns it and doesn't want to sell because his x will get half of everything. In the meanwhile, he hasn't taken care of it and almost all the big barns are fallen down, and what is left is in awful state. My son made me promise not to cry when I seen it! I imagine that it would cost far more to repair it than to buy this place that has 86 acres and several large outbuildings + the house all for under $200,000.

Actually it is when we were traveling thru MO on our way back from NYS that I found my dream place. But thank you for your reply. I think you are right about taxes in NY, even when I was growing up, my parents often said NY had the highest taxes because we had to bail out NYC from their bankrupcy problems.;) Yes, upstate has a bit of animosity toward the big apple!

I have lots of questions about MO but don't really know where to ask them, or webpages to do research on! I need to do lots of reserch on MO and I would like to find out about VA Loans, Small Bussiness Loans anything that would help us pay debts and get started in my business. (I'm already 45 and if I don't make this dream come true soon, then I guess there is no use of dreaming!)

jkmcc 05-28-2002 10:38 AM

Good luck to you! Sounds like a dream most horse lovers probably have.... the perfect set up.....barns, pastures, homestead, etc.

nagymom 05-29-2002 08:56 AM

Hi myrrie!

I grew up in MO, Joplin to be exact, though I've been gone a looong time now. What part of the state is this in? Have you tried looking at the fanniemae website? ( It has loads of info available as we are finding. My husband and I are researching loan options for one of our daughters (whose credit isn't that great due to divorce) and the FM site has been a big help.

Good luck and keep us posted!:-D

Darkstarzz10 05-29-2002 09:47 PM

If you need info on Mo I live there, with horses no less. 11 at last count :-:

connie1118 05-29-2002 10:57 PM

b & b start funds
maybe you can get some friends to invest in your venture, take stock in you in otherwords! If you are a woman alone, there are penty of websites that have $$ for women to start businesses...if other...try to stay with one banker and build a relationship, they can be more leanient if they know you personally. Maybe since you love horses so much, you may need to start a side venture to help fund the other, like grooming, stabling, riding shop, etc.

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