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otheila 01-20-2002 02:07 PM

Strange habits??
Our hound has a sulkie blanket, drags this thing wherever he goes. Finaly broke him of trying to take it out when he goes to the washroom. If he goes upstairs he pulls it up, goes to his food he brings it. I have to laugh at him.
What Strange habits do your dogs have?
We have had many dogs growing up and seems like each one had some strange quirk with them. A ****er that had a stuffed elephant that he took everywhere's, A shetland that rounded up rocks, A GS that would only do what the cat was doing, 1 chiuaua (sp?) that stole teacups and the other followed the cat again, a wire terrier that collected keys and socks,2 bearded collies that could not be seperated from one another. I won't even go into the quirks of the hounds we had :)

katiebird1487 07-18-2002 05:54 PM

Our dog, Mable, has a habit of getting both front paws in the washtub that contains her water. She only does this when I
or my father goes out to the set of pens that house Mable and
the other dogs. She is very energetic and loves to play when I
go into her pen. ;-) She is also kind of silly sometimes. Mable used to drink straight from the water hose when we would get ready to refill their water buckets. :-P:: ROFLMAO

LJsmom 04-02-2004 09:42 PM

Ozzy is now almost 2 and the habits are just now coming.
Will only eat his treats in the living room.
Likes to watch the toilet water spin down-doesn't drink, just watches.
This one just started a couple weeks ago and we don't know why.
When dh comes in the house the dog jumps up to say hi then starts peeing on the floor. Not a regular pee, the kind they mark the trees with. Male dog owners probably know what I'm talking about. Dh can just go to take the garbage out, come immediatly back in and the waterworks start so its not like Oz misses him. They are the only two guys in the house. Maybe its his way of bonding?:-O

griffes 04-25-2004 09:37 AM

We have a beagle (an adopted stray) who is really good with the kids. He gets up several times a night and makes rounds checking on the kids. The strangest thing though is he will not sleep on a dog bed/cushion. He will put his head on it like a pillow, but that is the only way he will use it. When it was cold we gave him an old blanket and it was funny to watch him make his bed. He uses his paws and nose to get it placed like he wants it, then lays down and if cold enough, covers himself up. He snores as bad as my dh.

HeyHeyPAULA 04-25-2004 09:47 AM

My Dogs 'Habits"
I have a Pedigree Toy Poodle. I was told when I bought a pedogree she might have "issues" to deal with. They are intelligent, but very demanding. Her first incident was after her first heat at age 8 months. She suffered with a suto pregnancy and attached to one of my grand kids. Darci suddenly got very agressive so the Vet suggested we have her spayed. This did eliviate teh problem. I then bought her a Dog toy. A large over sized toy that looks like a pacifier. This silly dog actually sucks on it like a pacifier! Needless to say I went righ tout and bought all teh store had to keep a supply of them! ROFLMAO

Puzzler 04-25-2004 10:01 AM

We have a German Shepherd mix. When she is upset she plunges her muzzle as far into her water as she can and then slings it out. When she feels insecure she carries her rubber newspaper around with her, sleeping on top of it, leans it against her food bowl while eating, and cries softly.

cheshire_pheonix 04-25-2004 10:28 AM

my goofy animals
I have an akita who i swear at times thinks she is human. before i go to sleep at night i have to make sure that all blankets and pillows on my bed are away from the edges, if not they WILL be stolen. I cannot tell you how many times i have woken up in the middle of the night because i was cold or couldn't find my pillow, some nights even both. When i sit up and look at the floor beside my bed i discover ashi laying on the floor with her head on a pillow and a blanket covering her.
My sink in the bathroom drips non stop if you don't take the time to fiddle with the handle to turn it off. If it is dripping my cat azriel will sit on the edge of the sink and hold his paw under the drips. Once it gets wet enough he will wash his face with his wet paw. Either he's just too lazy to lick himself clean, or he's thought about it and realizes that it's impossible to actually be "clean" with his own saliva. LOL
My favorite is when the cat and dog team up together. There could be something on the counter that Ashi(the dog) decides that she has to have. She will go sniff the cat and then walk up to where ever it is and sit there staring at it. The cat will eventually go and jump up on the surface and knock whatever it is down so ashi can get it.

blondie29697 04-25-2004 10:41 AM

My daughter's dog eats what is in the cat litter box, after the cat has used it causing the dog an intestinal infection which almost killed her the last time. Since that time, they keep the cat litter box where the old dog can't get it! She survived!

Puzzler 04-25-2004 11:53 AM

My friend has a cat and a miniature poodle. She recently had some mice from the woods by her house get inside. The cat catches the mouse, brings it to the dog to kill, and then the cat brings it to her with the dog attending.

blondie29697 04-25-2004 04:39 PM

Hi Puzzler:
I always knew animals communicated with each other and with us. Your post proves that.

dxlifer 04-25-2004 04:51 PM

our german shepherd simply does not like it when people leave. if we don't get him into the bedroom first or someone tries to walk out the door he starts his boombox barking and on one occasion grabbed one fellow by the seat of his pants. he grabbed another fellow by the arm and held him...not hard, but who's going to argue with a hundred pound shepherd?

we think it's great. if anyone does ever break in they'll still be here when we get home.

blondie29697 04-25-2004 05:06 PM

Great story about your German Shepherd. Years ago, I heard a news story about a dog who let the burglar in, let him pile all his stuff by the door, and then would not let him out. He was there when the homeowners came home!

momofjems 04-25-2004 05:07 PM

Our little toy poddle is almost human. She doesn't like us to leave, but especially our middle child. I get up first and get into the shower and when I turn the shower off, she starts barking and growling at me because she knows in the next few minutes I will be waking her up.
She is so obsessed when playing with her ball. She knows where it is even when the rest of us don't. She likes us to throw it down the stairs and runs after it. She could do this for hours. She will only take it to who she wants to throw it. If we don't pick it up and throw it, she will just stare at it until we do.
She loves to have her tummy rubbed and will move our hand to her tummy. She also sleeps with her head on a pillow, not sleeping on it, but just puts her head down on it.

Puzzler 04-25-2004 08:31 PM

Many years ago we had a female Yorkie named Little Bit. When you held her in your arms and talked to her and turned your head to look at something else she would reach up and take your face with both paws and gently turn it back until you were looking in her eyes again. She did this for all the 13 1/2 years that we had her.

LJsmom 04-25-2004 09:59 PM

Our dog likes to sleep on pillows under his head too. Right now tho he has his head on dd's stuffed dog "toto".

Our old cat Aspin would drink out of the water faucet and would wake me up in the morning by pawing lightly my face when she was hungry. Once I even got a toe up my nose :-O
Oh and the best of all was when I was preg. with both girls, she would sit on my tummy as if she was hatching the baby. Got pics of her doing this, the kids think its funny. Yeah right, tell that to any preg. woman with a 12# cat on her stomach. Cute any way you look at it.
Oops guess I should have put that on a funny habit for cats thread...

Lillith462 04-26-2004 01:31 AM

Dogs Strange Habits
We have had Doberman's for the last 15ys. Raven was a gorgeous Black and Rust, she grew to be about 110 lbs. and a sweeter dog there never was. She loved to make up tricks. She would go "hide" behind a tree when it was time to come in, I guess she figured if we couldn't see her face, we couldn't see her behind sticking out from the other side of the tree. When she finally decided it was time to come in, she would "stalk" walking in such slow motion that she sometimes appeared in danger of falling over, never taking her eyes off our eyes, then about 3 feet away, she go into the "play" lunge, slapping both feet on the ground and smiling, like "gotcha!!!!! When we bought toys for one dog, we bought enough for all, when we weren't looking, she would go and take everyone else's toy and then get up on the bed laying on all the toys. I would go and say"I wonder what happened to all those toys" She would look at me with the most innocent look imagainable, and just lay there with her front feet crossed and her head on her feet, so I would reach under her, and then she would act like "How did all those things get there"
Smiling all the while !!! Our Boy Max, would actually smile at people, some thought he was going to eat them alive when all he wanted was petted or a treat, he smiled really big !!!! He "fooled" more than one person, but a sweeter, kinder dog, there never was. Indio our bad Blue Baby was that all her life, I think she had some brain damage when she was born, and she never quite "got it" as far as life was concerned, but she was a joy, and a pigeon toed joy at that. She was beautiful but she was "blonde" to the roots, just funny all the time. Our last Dobe, came from a shelter of sorts, and weighed a mere 53 lbs, she has grown 3 inches and gained over 50 lbs, she lays across me at night (all the Dobes have slept in bed with us) and if anything even my spouse moves, she growls deep in her throat, but for all her neglect, she is a wonderful dog, the only thing that still freaks her out is a man wearing a hat. Everyone else she accepts gladly, but runs under the table if a man with a hat comes in. I wouldn't ever want to be without Doberman's in my life again, and I have had about every breed imaginable. And loved them all but one.

dxlifer 04-26-2004 04:58 AM

toys....that reminds me of another ridiculous habit our gsd has. he will decide to bury his tennis ball in the blanket, doing this quite well. however, when it's out of sight he gets worried and has to find it again to make sure it's still there.

so he frantically scrambles and digs it out....and then buries it again. then he has to find it again. soon the ball is so hopelessly tangled in the blanket that he can't get at it, causing great distress. we have to help him out before the blanket gets shredded.

poor fellow....he simply can not resolve the issue of the safety of his disappearing tennis ball.

NancyHall 04-26-2004 08:38 AM

My dog Chewie, (an Austrailan Shepard / Collie mix) has two strange habits. Since we take our shoes off by the front door as we come in, all of the shoes we are wearing are in one place. However, when we go to put them on to leave, strangely, one of our shoes are always magically gone. My dog has a habit of bringing just one outside to the backyard. She doesn't chew on it. She just brings it out there so we can't find it. (It's kind of annoying when you're running late, or even worse, when it's raining outside.

The second strange thing my dog does is, when she licks your hand (to kiss you), she often pauses her lick (as if it were glued to you), holds that position for about 15 seconds, and then yawns. She finds it a great aid in helping her yawn when she's tired. :p

Lisa Berry 04-26-2004 03:36 PM

Great Companion
I have an Austrailian Cattle dog that literally follows me everywhereROFLMAO . He stays on the back screened porch which has 2 doors opening off it to the office and kitchen. When I'm in the kitchen he lays against that door and when I walk thru the house to the office he follows me to that door. He trails me constantly to the point I have to shut him up sometimes because I trip over him if I turn around to fast:-O and fall over him! But I :heart: him to death anyhow.

Puzzler 04-28-2004 09:03 PM

We had a wonderful Cairn Terrier named Smokey for 10 years. He got along well with all family members but decided that I was his special person. He followed me throughout the house and when he was older and could not get around easily any more my son called him the "Mommy Compass" because he always laid down with his nose pointing which ever direction I was in the house.

castorbean 04-29-2004 03:37 AM

Our dog, Gomer, watches TV. There is one particular commercial here in the Chicago area which causes a comical reaction. When he hears the Empire carpet man speak, he starts to bark. At the end of the commercial, there is a jingle. During the music Gomer will let out this unearthly howl which does not stop until the music does. Of course, we play the commercial over and over.

LJsmom 04-29-2004 02:11 PM

Ooooh I cant stand that empire guy! But the Christmas commercials with his elf helpers is funny.

thsgrbr 03-07-2008 06:15 AM


Originally Posted by blondie29697
My daughter's dog eats what is in the cat litter box, after the cat has used it causing the dog an intestinal infection which almost killed her the last time. Since that time, they keep the cat litter box where the old dog can't get it! She survived!

What were the side effect that the dog had I have a dog doing the same thing and he get sick just about every other day the vet said the only way to know if it anything worst is blood test. If you can please help. So I know what I must do!

Bunny 03-07-2008 07:42 AM

When my cat was alive He had a habit that he would not slrrp anywhere but with me and he wouldnt let my DH next to me he finally trusted my DH and then he slept on my pillow over my head and he had to have my slipper with him and he carried it all over the house needless to say I had to get new slippers.

AnnaInOhio 04-25-2008 09:00 AM

I have dogs but the strangest habit I've seen lately is my neighbor next doors dogs.

She has 2 pugs, a older male and a younger female, Baltos and Suzie.

Suzie has been with Baltos since she was a puppy and never had any examples of how to go potty from a female dog. She hikes her leg just like Baltos, also sprays the furniture like Baltos. LOL


Bunny 04-25-2008 09:05 AM

I dont have dogs but I do have two birds one a parakeet and the other is a ****atiel and that one lets you know in no uncertain terms when he wants to go to bed and when to get up in the morning and when he wants out of his cage. We call him our watch bird as whenever any one pulls in the drive he lets you know boy does he schreech

Coll 04-25-2008 10:39 AM

My cat Rusty has a toy mouse that we play fetch with. When he is finished playing he puts it in his food dish. When he wants a drink, he jumps up on the bathroom sink until some one turns the water on and he gets his paw wet and licks it.
If you want to sit in the spot he is sleeping in, he will hiss at you if you try to move him out of that spot.
At night when all is quiet he will sit on my lap while I'm watching t v. When I turn the t v off, he gets up and heads for the bathroom. He waits for me to brush my teeth, etc. Then he walks to my bedroom door, looks at me, waits until I say goodnight I'll see you in the morning and close the door. If the phone rings and I answer it in the bedroom, he comes to the door and cries until I let him see that I am okay. This started the day my son was in an accident, I was upset on the phone and I think Rusty sensed it.

DeBora4BobbyL 04-25-2008 12:45 PM

Jet-Bo, whom I lost in October 2006 I know must have had obsessive-compulsive disorder. He had to lick a certain place on the sheets before he could crawl under the covers to go to sleep.

Poncho, he nephew, sits up on his butt and legs when he wants something. He has incredible balance. He understands more vocabulary than most dogs so we have to watch what we say. If he hears the word "doctor" or "go" he hides under the table and chairs or under the bed.

Bonte, our youngest does so many interesting things. When he is tired, he grabs his special blanky, and nurses it. When he wants to play with Poncho, he sits up and puts his paws together, like he is praying, and he moves them up and down in a begging motion. lol

Coll 04-25-2008 01:54 PM

My dads dog knows when ever you say walk, she is gonna go for a walk, she knows wanna go for a ride, and when I go there if I'm by myself she greets me and looks for the girls. I have to say, they aren't here, I'll bring them next time. SHe really seems to understand.

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