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castorbean 04-29-2004 02:37 AM

Our dog, Gomer, watches TV. There is one particular commercial here in the Chicago area which causes a comical reaction. When he hears the Empire carpet man speak, he starts to bark. At the end of the commercial, there is a jingle. During the music Gomer will let out this unearthly howl which does not stop until the music does. Of course, we play the commercial over and over.

LJsmom 04-29-2004 01:11 PM

Ooooh I cant stand that empire guy! But the Christmas commercials with his elf helpers is funny.

thsgrbr 03-07-2008 05:15 AM


Originally Posted by blondie29697
My daughter's dog eats what is in the cat litter box, after the cat has used it causing the dog an intestinal infection which almost killed her the last time. Since that time, they keep the cat litter box where the old dog can't get it! She survived!

What were the side effect that the dog had I have a dog doing the same thing and he get sick just about every other day the vet said the only way to know if it anything worst is blood test. If you can please help. So I know what I must do!

Bunny 03-07-2008 06:42 AM

When my cat was alive He had a habit that he would not slrrp anywhere but with me and he wouldnt let my DH next to me he finally trusted my DH and then he slept on my pillow over my head and he had to have my slipper with him and he carried it all over the house needless to say I had to get new slippers.

AnnaInOhio 04-25-2008 08:00 AM

I have dogs but the strangest habit I've seen lately is my neighbor next doors dogs.

She has 2 pugs, a older male and a younger female, Baltos and Suzie.

Suzie has been with Baltos since she was a puppy and never had any examples of how to go potty from a female dog. She hikes her leg just like Baltos, also sprays the furniture like Baltos. LOL


Bunny 04-25-2008 08:05 AM

I dont have dogs but I do have two birds one a parakeet and the other is a ****atiel and that one lets you know in no uncertain terms when he wants to go to bed and when to get up in the morning and when he wants out of his cage. We call him our watch bird as whenever any one pulls in the drive he lets you know boy does he schreech

Coll 04-25-2008 09:39 AM

My cat Rusty has a toy mouse that we play fetch with. When he is finished playing he puts it in his food dish. When he wants a drink, he jumps up on the bathroom sink until some one turns the water on and he gets his paw wet and licks it.
If you want to sit in the spot he is sleeping in, he will hiss at you if you try to move him out of that spot.
At night when all is quiet he will sit on my lap while I'm watching t v. When I turn the t v off, he gets up and heads for the bathroom. He waits for me to brush my teeth, etc. Then he walks to my bedroom door, looks at me, waits until I say goodnight I'll see you in the morning and close the door. If the phone rings and I answer it in the bedroom, he comes to the door and cries until I let him see that I am okay. This started the day my son was in an accident, I was upset on the phone and I think Rusty sensed it.

DeBora4BobbyL 04-25-2008 11:45 AM

Jet-Bo, whom I lost in October 2006 I know must have had obsessive-compulsive disorder. He had to lick a certain place on the sheets before he could crawl under the covers to go to sleep.

Poncho, he nephew, sits up on his butt and legs when he wants something. He has incredible balance. He understands more vocabulary than most dogs so we have to watch what we say. If he hears the word "doctor" or "go" he hides under the table and chairs or under the bed.

Bonte, our youngest does so many interesting things. When he is tired, he grabs his special blanky, and nurses it. When he wants to play with Poncho, he sits up and puts his paws together, like he is praying, and he moves them up and down in a begging motion. lol

Coll 04-25-2008 12:54 PM

My dads dog knows when ever you say walk, she is gonna go for a walk, she knows wanna go for a ride, and when I go there if I'm by myself she greets me and looks for the girls. I have to say, they aren't here, I'll bring them next time. SHe really seems to understand.

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