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dxlifer 04-25-2004 04:51 PM

our german shepherd simply does not like it when people leave. if we don't get him into the bedroom first or someone tries to walk out the door he starts his boombox barking and on one occasion grabbed one fellow by the seat of his pants. he grabbed another fellow by the arm and held him...not hard, but who's going to argue with a hundred pound shepherd?

we think it's great. if anyone does ever break in they'll still be here when we get home.

blondie29697 04-25-2004 05:06 PM

Great story about your German Shepherd. Years ago, I heard a news story about a dog who let the burglar in, let him pile all his stuff by the door, and then would not let him out. He was there when the homeowners came home!

momofjems 04-25-2004 05:07 PM

Our little toy poddle is almost human. She doesn't like us to leave, but especially our middle child. I get up first and get into the shower and when I turn the shower off, she starts barking and growling at me because she knows in the next few minutes I will be waking her up.
She is so obsessed when playing with her ball. She knows where it is even when the rest of us don't. She likes us to throw it down the stairs and runs after it. She could do this for hours. She will only take it to who she wants to throw it. If we don't pick it up and throw it, she will just stare at it until we do.
She loves to have her tummy rubbed and will move our hand to her tummy. She also sleeps with her head on a pillow, not sleeping on it, but just puts her head down on it.

Puzzler 04-25-2004 08:31 PM

Many years ago we had a female Yorkie named Little Bit. When you held her in your arms and talked to her and turned your head to look at something else she would reach up and take your face with both paws and gently turn it back until you were looking in her eyes again. She did this for all the 13 1/2 years that we had her.

LJsmom 04-25-2004 09:59 PM

Our dog likes to sleep on pillows under his head too. Right now tho he has his head on dd's stuffed dog "toto".

Our old cat Aspin would drink out of the water faucet and would wake me up in the morning by pawing lightly my face when she was hungry. Once I even got a toe up my nose :-O
Oh and the best of all was when I was preg. with both girls, she would sit on my tummy as if she was hatching the baby. Got pics of her doing this, the kids think its funny. Yeah right, tell that to any preg. woman with a 12# cat on her stomach. Cute any way you look at it.
Oops guess I should have put that on a funny habit for cats thread...

Lillith462 04-26-2004 01:31 AM

Dogs Strange Habits
We have had Doberman's for the last 15ys. Raven was a gorgeous Black and Rust, she grew to be about 110 lbs. and a sweeter dog there never was. She loved to make up tricks. She would go "hide" behind a tree when it was time to come in, I guess she figured if we couldn't see her face, we couldn't see her behind sticking out from the other side of the tree. When she finally decided it was time to come in, she would "stalk" walking in such slow motion that she sometimes appeared in danger of falling over, never taking her eyes off our eyes, then about 3 feet away, she go into the "play" lunge, slapping both feet on the ground and smiling, like "gotcha!!!!! When we bought toys for one dog, we bought enough for all, when we weren't looking, she would go and take everyone else's toy and then get up on the bed laying on all the toys. I would go and say"I wonder what happened to all those toys" She would look at me with the most innocent look imagainable, and just lay there with her front feet crossed and her head on her feet, so I would reach under her, and then she would act like "How did all those things get there"
Smiling all the while !!! Our Boy Max, would actually smile at people, some thought he was going to eat them alive when all he wanted was petted or a treat, he smiled really big !!!! He "fooled" more than one person, but a sweeter, kinder dog, there never was. Indio our bad Blue Baby was that all her life, I think she had some brain damage when she was born, and she never quite "got it" as far as life was concerned, but she was a joy, and a pigeon toed joy at that. She was beautiful but she was "blonde" to the roots, just funny all the time. Our last Dobe, came from a shelter of sorts, and weighed a mere 53 lbs, she has grown 3 inches and gained over 50 lbs, she lays across me at night (all the Dobes have slept in bed with us) and if anything even my spouse moves, she growls deep in her throat, but for all her neglect, she is a wonderful dog, the only thing that still freaks her out is a man wearing a hat. Everyone else she accepts gladly, but runs under the table if a man with a hat comes in. I wouldn't ever want to be without Doberman's in my life again, and I have had about every breed imaginable. And loved them all but one.

dxlifer 04-26-2004 04:58 AM

toys....that reminds me of another ridiculous habit our gsd has. he will decide to bury his tennis ball in the blanket, doing this quite well. however, when it's out of sight he gets worried and has to find it again to make sure it's still there.

so he frantically scrambles and digs it out....and then buries it again. then he has to find it again. soon the ball is so hopelessly tangled in the blanket that he can't get at it, causing great distress. we have to help him out before the blanket gets shredded.

poor fellow....he simply can not resolve the issue of the safety of his disappearing tennis ball.

NancyHall 04-26-2004 08:38 AM

My dog Chewie, (an Austrailan Shepard / Collie mix) has two strange habits. Since we take our shoes off by the front door as we come in, all of the shoes we are wearing are in one place. However, when we go to put them on to leave, strangely, one of our shoes are always magically gone. My dog has a habit of bringing just one outside to the backyard. She doesn't chew on it. She just brings it out there so we can't find it. (It's kind of annoying when you're running late, or even worse, when it's raining outside.

The second strange thing my dog does is, when she licks your hand (to kiss you), she often pauses her lick (as if it were glued to you), holds that position for about 15 seconds, and then yawns. She finds it a great aid in helping her yawn when she's tired. :p

Lisa Berry 04-26-2004 03:36 PM

Great Companion
I have an Austrailian Cattle dog that literally follows me everywhereROFLMAO . He stays on the back screened porch which has 2 doors opening off it to the office and kitchen. When I'm in the kitchen he lays against that door and when I walk thru the house to the office he follows me to that door. He trails me constantly to the point I have to shut him up sometimes because I trip over him if I turn around to fast:-O and fall over him! But I :heart: him to death anyhow.

Puzzler 04-28-2004 09:03 PM

We had a wonderful Cairn Terrier named Smokey for 10 years. He got along well with all family members but decided that I was his special person. He followed me throughout the house and when he was older and could not get around easily any more my son called him the "Mommy Compass" because he always laid down with his nose pointing which ever direction I was in the house.

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