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ajrsmom 11-02-2005 08:12 AM

Feeding Station For Birds
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Feeding Station For Birds
by Ann DeLong

You will need:

One litre plastic beverage bottle
bird seed

On each side of the bottom plastic section of a one litre plastic beverage bottle, cut a tab about one inch wide with scissors. Bend down the tabs, and with a paper punch, make a hole in the center of each one. Push a pencil through the holes for a perch.

Make the feeding holes by pressing a crease along each side of the bottle directly above the two ends of the pencil perch. Holding the crease in place, punch a hole on the crease about 2 or 3 inches above the perch.

Roll a piece of paper into a cone shape, place it in the top of the bottle to use as a funnel. Fill the bottle with seeds and close tightly with the cap.

Tie string around the lip of the bottle just below the cap. Knot it several times. Tie the feeder to a branch on a tree.

An even simpler alternative, especially for smaller children, is the Pine Cone Bird Feeder. Children of all ages can help make this feeder. Preschoolers learn to spread with a knife and to tie the ribbon on to the pine cone.

Birds and squirrels of all ages also like this craft.

You will need:

pine cone
ribbon or strong string
wax paper
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup bread crumbs
1 cup bird seed
large bowl
wooden spoon

Tie the ribbon or string near the top of the pine cone so it can be hung. Lay the pine cone on wax paper. Measure the peanut butter and bread crumbs into the bowl. Mix with wooden spoon until smooth. Spread this mixture on the pine cone. Roll the pine cone in bird seed. Press more seed between the scales of the pine cone. Hang the Pine Cone Bird Feeder outside where you can see it from a window.

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