Black Bear Hampster - Lump

  • My 9 year old has a black bear hapster that has developed a large lump under his tail. I think I remember seeing some hampsters at the pet store like that and thinking how odd. Is this something I have to worry about or not? It has become pretty large, pretty quick.

    Thanks for any advice you can give. The pet clinics are not open right now.

  • How old it the hamster? I might sound tacky, but the males "privates" are quite um....noticeable. If you got the hamster recently & it was pretty young, it might just be growing up. Otherwise, I have no idea.
  • I would call the pet store and ask them, or maybe a vets office would be able to give you some helpful information.
  • Hamster lumps
    We have a hamster that had a rather unusual large lump just below the rib cage. Since it is rather expensive to take something this small to a vet, we decided to wait and see. It turned out to be a cyst that burst. O what a smell that was. Bactine was what I used to clean it out.
    I would touch it and see if it moves. It could be that.
    As for hamster balls? They do grow quite large once a month. They are in heat and are looking for a female to have fun with. We did find out that even though they were both from the same litter? Books say they should get along fine. Once they both went into heat? It was a blood bath. Needless to say, they are separated and can see eachother, but can't touch eachother unless we put them in the circus cage that lets them roam safely. If it doesn't get any bigger? Then just keep an eye on it.
    Hamsters live 2 to 5 years. 5 is the longest for a captive Hamster. Most caged ones live 2 to 3. Keep us posted on your hamster.
  • Hamster
    I wonder if this appears only when he gets hot? Hamsters are unable to sweat so this is how they regulate their body temperature. They expand their testicales so that they can cool off. Once their body temp reaches an acceptable level they retract and are back to looking "normal" again. IF that's possible for the male species! lol
  • Hopefully it is the testicle thing. In that case it will go back to normal. But I'm thinking that hamsters are related to rats, and rats seem to be very prone to getting tumors. If the lump stays for more than a few days, I'd think about taking the hampster to a vet.
  • my thought is that you are looking at testicles. they are pretty noticable! i had a hamster once and when people would ask me if it was a boy or a girl i would turn him over and say "it's a boy" yeah, i'm warped!!
  • Thanks for all the responses. It just so happens that it was his testicles. Funniest thing I ever heard. I always had female hampsters growing up...a girl thing

    Thanks for all the advice, it is nice to know that I have somewhere to go if I have any questions.


  • I'm a little late in my reply but I'd have to agree with either the male parts or a possible tumor.
    For the best health of your pet please do not use Cedar or Pine for bedding. Aquariums are not a good choice for containment as they offer little air circulation. Don't foget to offer a hide box and offer chews. Pinecones and thin untreated rawhide are good. Just bake the pinecones at 250* for about 20 minutes. Many small bird toys serve the purpose well.
    Also, make sure you give a good diet. Small bites of fruits and veggies are good along with seeds and nuts. Many of the diets available have the dried veggies and fruits but they have almost no nutritional value once they are processed to that extent. Use a good name brand....Harvey Pet I hear is good, Higgins is good, and I'm sure there are more. It's wise to stay away from grocery store brands.
    Good luck with your hamster.
    Robin in NC