Pets May Have to Buckle Up

  • Just wondering what everyone else's take on this is.

    When we travel, we do have our mini doxie in a carrier in the back seat of the car. However, I have never taken her to the vet in her carrier.....only on a leash.

    Pets May Have to Buckle Up

    Mar 26, 8:16 am ET

    SANTA FE, N.M. (Reuters) - Buckle up Fido!
    The city of Santa Fe may soon require pet owners to restrain their dogs, cats and ferrets in special pet seats or with seat belts while traveling in a moving vehicle.

    The ordinance, endorsed by the city's public safety committee, would also require that "animals in open beds of trucks and cars be tethered or restrained enough so the animal can't fly out the window," said Kate Rindy, executive director of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, who helped develop the proposed law.

    Rindy said dog seat belts as well as portable pet carriers would fit the bill, as would someone merely "holding a pet in their lap," she said. "Just like people need to be safe, so do animals."

    There are special restraints on the market selling for about $20 to $30 to attach an animal to a seat belt.

    The pet restraint law in vehicles is part of a larger animal measure that tackles regulations for items such as spaying and neutering pets.

    The city council will vote on the ordinance within the month, Rindy said.


  • I think sometimes or in some instances they are going a little to far. I just found out that a law just passed that children up to 8 have to be strapped in a car seat. I just can't imagine an 8 yr old in a car seat.

    But sometimes you see people that have their dog in their lap while they are driving, I think that is a little too much. But I don't agree with this at all. I don't think some of the so called safety measures are working in some cases anyway. Just look at the number of people that were stuck in their seatbelt and couldn't get out, I would hate to be in a accident and be unable to unstrap them, I just can't bear the thought. I know I was in an accident in 97 and the airbag got me and then the seat belt malfunctioned. Are these belts tested in different situations? Just makes you wonder. I guess they are not getting enough money on seatbelt tickets and they have raised the fine so high, that they can't raise it anymore, so what next infant up to 8 yrs and dogs.

    Dogs cannot speak for themselves, and if they are in trouble how would we or anyone assiting at an accident know if they need help. But that is just my opinon, maybe we should just put a seat belt over the entire car and that way every one would be protected.