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troubles_54901 03-21-2004 01:33 PM

who has birds???
we have 2 parekeets .one is yello and 1 is blue !!! they squaK alot!! they are hubbys birds there names are paulie and baby .

danyel 03-21-2004 05:44 PM

I have birds...lots of birds
I have 5 parakeets:
1 yellow with green on the neck
1 white & light blue
1 white & teal
1 green belly with yellow & black wings
1 teal belly with white & black wings

I am also "keeping" my Aunt's 2 finches until she finds a place to live.

My son came home and asked if he could have "a" bird. I said, if it was free and came with a cage and food, it would be ok. well when the neighbor came over with the cage it was HUGE!! 4' high, 4' long and 2 feet deep!! It was like a rabbit hutch. I got rid of that and separated them into 2 smaller cages.

The parakeets don't have names...long story, but when I got them I originally got 7 (gave one away and one died) and there were just too many to name. I think they had them named but I could not for the life of me remember them after the lady left.

The finches do have names, but I cannot remember them. Oh yeah, one is Oliver.

They are a lot of work and VERY MESSY but I enjoy listening to them...until they start squawkin!!:ugh: :ugh:

sorry this was long, but I love my birds

luvsbirds 03-21-2004 06:06 PM

Hi Danyel,

Our family has a parakeet.
His name is iceberg.
He is a chatterer.
We have had him for 4 years.
He has survived many mishaps.
We love the little critter.
Wow, sounds like you really like birds.
I also love birds. Would love to have more.
Enjoy watching and counting the different birds outside.


Irish Angel 03-21-2004 08:55 PM

We have a ****atiel named "Pedro". Before him I wasen't too into birds although we had raised a pair of love birds who had 3 clutches!
"Pedro" has shown me that birds really do have personalities. He loves his head to be scratched, he gives kisses, whistles "Lord I lift your name" , "La cucaracha", and for the pups. He also says "Delia".
He is a lil' ham and particularly shows off when he wants out! LOL

I have also really picked up backyard birds as a hobby!
We have a cardinal couple, wrens, robins, goldfinches, sparrows, blue jays .... this year so far!
I enjoy caring for them. I need to get a better bird bath and my hubby is going to make a few more houses for me. I have a bluebird , and wren house and then 3 more most birds could use.
My biggest goal this year is for my hubby to put up a purple marlin house!
BTW, those of you near me...south central PA, when do you put your hummingbird feeders back out?

luvsbirds 03-22-2004 04:19 AM

Hello Again.
This is a fun post.
I also used to have a cocatiel. I was doing day care at the time.
The smaller children loved to watch the bird. Every once in a while I would let them feed him a snatch of greens from the fridge.
Well this particular day one of the children tore off a plant leaf from one of my plants and fed it to him.
Was very deadly. Was a sad day for me. He died shortly after that.
He loved to talk. And he loved to ride around on our Springer Spaniels back just chattering away. Miss the little character.
And yes, the birds do have quite the personality.
Our parakeet has not attempted to talk or do anything special.
But he is a favorite of ours.
My adopted poodle has made friends with him. But never would he even think of riding on his back.
I love the birds out side.
I have only lived here for a period of 3 months but have found new feathered friends are here too.
I have woodpeckers,housefinches, squirrels, and robins that visit.
Still hoping to see more.
Take care and happy birding.

Irish Angel 03-22-2004 06:06 AM

I am so sorry about your bird baby :(
I was not close to the love birds like I am "Pedro". I would be equally heart broken.
He is so cute when he hangs upside down like a bat in his cage, or does his lil' shakey dance and bobs his lil' head.
Our daushand and birdie are good. In fact I think that is why "Pedro" learned to whistle for the dog...when our kitty got too close for comfort.
The only 4 pawed critter we have I would trust with "Pedro" is "Tippy" the daushand/beagle.

As I type this my honey is downstairs "playing" with his tools and making my bird houses.

Robin whittington 05-09-2004 08:16 AM

:daisy: Hi,

I don't know how I missed this thread... but yes, we have birds... and birds and birds...
1 Macaw
1 Elenora ****atoo
2 Indian Ringnecks
6 ****atiels,
1 Sun Conure
2 Budgies
2 Diamond Doves and 12 fawn, ring neck doves.
We love them!
Robin in NC

troubles_54901 05-09-2004 02:07 PM

my babys
like i said up on top we have 2 birds !! We started tasking them out now !! They fly a little and they bite lol!! the blue one is more tame !!! the yello forget it !!

gram04 02-24-2007 12:01 PM

We have 1 bird its a ****atail, male, and loves to sing yakee doodle, call the dogs, whistels to the girls, i think they are very colorful and lots of fun

HAPPY6 04-19-2007 09:47 AM

Max the parakeet....
I just love birds. In the Summer we have many bird houses and feeders. My gs received a paraket for his birthday. It is a lovey shade of light blue. This bird was hand trained by the pet shop owners and is the calmest bird I've ever seen. Our home can be very chaotic with 3 grandkids living here. Lots of noise! lol-This baby parakeet has adjusted right from the beginning. He loves it when the kids are in the same room. Max, does some sort of little dance for them!! Max is a welcome addition to our home.....

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