who has birds???

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  • Jodi, How are the ducks doing? I bet they are getting bigger by the day! Hugs.....
  • Good morning!

    They are huge. Half of them turn 3 weeks old today and the rest tomorrow. My husband built me a pen for them to sleep in at night. The gigantic tupperware box we had them in for the garage was outgrown after 2 weeks. (plus the duck doo was a bit much!)

    They are outside in their play pen right now, eating grass, and splashing in their bowl.

    I will TRY to get the blog updated. I have just had no time.

    Thanks for asking!

  • Glad to hear the ducks are all well and happy. Give them a hug from me!
  • In Loving Memory~
    I lost one of my flock yesterday. Timmy.

    You can read about it here.

    My Muscovy Ducks Tale

    So sad...


  • Jodi, I've read the sad story about Timmy......So very sorry...Hugs....
  • Thank you. I was wondering if I would hear from you!

    Its so sad. I am just sick.

    HNY to you.
  • Jodi, I hope you get comfort knowing you did everything in your power to help Timmy......You are a caring person and wonderful pet owner!! May you and yours have a New Year filled with happiness and many blessings...