Barbie Pet Rescue B-day Party

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  • I am so excited about your daughter wanting a rescue party! If we could start educating the kids while they are young enough to care, we can save so many of our furry friends!!! I asked my Boxer Rescue group about ideas for the party and I did get some really neat responses! The first one was already mentioned by kasparcat so it must be a really great one!! Here are some that I received:

    How about "help pull the doggie from the shelter" Same idea as pin the tail on the donkey except they need to make it to the dog. Blind folded and spun around then the girl has to walk to the doggie pinned on the door. If she makes she saved the doggie :^)

    Or "tell the dead beat owner what you really think" which would be a pinatta of the dead beat owner and the girls can hit it to get candy. LMAO OK I was just kidding with that one hehehehehe

    I'm thinking maybe you could bake cookies shaped like
    dog tags. And maybe you can do the Pin the Pet to the
    person, putting the person on the wall and giving
    every child a dog or cat to attempt to match it to the
    potential owner (it would give it kind of a realistic
    flavor ... more pets than owners). Maybe the prize
    could be a Build-it-yourself Gingerbread house (a kit
    you can get at Michaels/Hobby Lobby for under $10) ...
    that way the "winner" gets a home-sweet-home, LOL.
  • OK here are two more (the rescue group is having a lot of fun with this!):

    Go to a Family Dollar/Dollar store/ Odd Lots/ Big Lots, etc and get
    enough collars, bags of treats, toys, etc. for all the kids to have
    one and as the kids arrive, have them put one around their wrist, on
    a belt loop, etc, but don't tell them what it is for. Just tell them
    to hang onto it. Once all the kids arrive, you then explain the
    rules of the game.

    The game goes like this.... Pick 4 actions or words that you tell
    the kids they cannot say or do and set a time frame. For example:
    You cannot point to anything. You cannot say the word "Dog". You
    cannot say the word "birthday".... etc.

    If one child catches the other child doing/saying the above, they get
    the child's item. They yell "I got your (whatever)!" The kid with
    the most collars/treats/toys, etc. at the end of the time frame wins
    and gets a prize. All the items that were being used are then
    donated to a local humane society or rescue group. Provide pics of
    the animals that will possibly get the items so the kids can see who
    is getting their donations. I did this at a bridal shower with
    panties on ribbons around everyone's neck. It was hilarious, because
    the rules were that you couldn't point, say the fiancee's name, use
    the word "wedding" or "honeymoon". It was great. It was a bunch of
    silly women yelling, "I got your panties". I think the person that
    won had 8 pair of panties hanging from her neck.

    Another one you can do is get the self adhesive name tags. On each
    name tag (one for each child), you write the name of a famous
    animal... can even be cartoon. For example, Scooby Doo, Lassie,
    Dumbo, Simba, Benji (maybe too old for today's kids), Stitch, etc.
    Each kid gets a nametag stuck on their back without them seeing it
    and are handed a pen. The kids then try to describe what the nametag
    on each other's back says to each other without using the actual
    name. When one kid successfully gets the other kid to guess what is
    on her back, that kid writes her name on the tag and the kid that was
    wearing the tag gets to move it around to their front. The kid that
    successfully gets the other kids to guess who was on their back wins
    a prize. You just get them to turn in their nametags at the end of
    the game and count who has the most. You can play this one and the
    other one simultaneously.