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  • when do you do the all girl parties? once they start school?
    I wanted to do a tea party for dd's 5th b'day but there are 2 boys that MUST come & I'm not so sure they;d enjoy a tea party. Much less how I would include them.

    I was thinking I should wait & do it when she's older & has only all girl parties....

    Any ideas?
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    I don't think I will be much of a help here but, My oldest is 14. I have 4 children. I have taken my kids to many birthday parties. I just recently took my seven y.o. to a party where all the guests were girls. But the girls brother was there.
    You did not mention how old your daughter is, if she is young and has special friends that are boys, they will probably stay special friends for a very long time. Believe it or not, the cootie syndrome does not seem to go around any more. Very seldom do/did my kids ever think the opposite gender was "gross"!!! And I tend to see this in alot of kids.
    Maybe, have a "special" party for your dd, that is not for a birthday. Or try having a tea party, with gentlemen there!!!
  • There is no hard and fast rule on this. If your daughter continues to be friends with boys and wants them at her birthday parties, then let her have them there and don't pick themes that are too frilly. By age 5, my kids were actively involved in choosing the theme and activities of their parties. A great party book is "The Pennywhistle Party Planner." We did at least half a dozen of their ideas over the years.

  • Tea parties are so much fun especially if your favorite doll or teddy is invited too!

    Is there a man around that can lead a backyard campout for the boys while the girls have their tea party?

    It would be best if they are done at different houses at the same time. That way everyone gets a special day!

    Love & Prayers,
  • Thanks for the replies~

    This will be dd's 5th b'ady I'm working on....I want it to be extra special this year (she'll have a new sibling in Dec - & I don't want to take away from her) & then if she goes to school this fall it will be the last b'day like this---you know - things change once the go off to school....

    Really she has 2 boys -one is family the other isn't - the cousin can easily be snagged later for a fam party---it's the friends' child I don't know what to do with...they've been friends since birth so she's want hime there!

    What can I do to incorporate a boy in a tea party?

    Can you share your ideas for what to do at a tea party?

    I still can't decide - I was still thinknig of whether I should just wait til she's 7 or so...but then I guess I could do another kind of party at year I want to do a makeup kinda thing.....and then there's the dressup thing...


    ANy ideas???