Church Nurseries...

  • What's your experience with such? Does your church have a nursery?
  • Hi MMP,

    My church has what they call "Cradle Roll" it is from age 0-4. I am the teacher for that age group, but if a parent came in with an infant I would have them stay and help since I have such a wide age range.
  • How wonderful is that! Our church no longer has a full-fledged nursery, due mostly in part to finances, which is so disheartening, because it's not about making money.

    My mom (back in the 70's) was a regular nursery room caregiver at our church. She worked as a nursery caregiver for the better part of 10 years, and during my latter teen years when I was still in high school, I helped out (along side her) for two summers.

    Would be so nice to see all churches provide similar care.
  • No our church has no nursery.......The parents do take the babies out if they start to cry.
  • Seems few churches that I know of still have an actual operating nursery.