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Shlyn 04-02-2008 07:53 AM

Mine is not getting along with his friends at the moment. Partially his own fault.

So he just phoned and wanted to come home for the day. (This is what his friends do.. have a bad day so they just go home) Umm... NO. It's a bad day, it will pass.

So may of these kids figure oh I'm in a bad mood, I just won't go to school/work. Where is the reality??

kathymac 04-03-2008 05:37 AM

You have to wonder if their parents' do the same thing - not go to work if they're in a bad mood. Our rule has always been if you don't go to school there's no t.v., computer, phone, etc. That usually nips that in the bud!


barbszy 04-03-2008 06:33 AM

One of my daughter's friends takes frequent "mental health days." I always have to make sure that this attitude isn't rubbing off on DD. And this kid is only 12! It's been going on for years, in her case.

Shlyn 04-03-2008 08:05 AM

We have given ours mental health days. However, that was because he needed them. We didn't even consider it until his counsellor and child psychologist suggested it. That was when he was 11, though. Even then most of the time he had to at least TRY. (At the time he was suffering from depression and at times was suicidal.) Even with his history, we still make him try to get through the day and 90% of the time he can.

Mine tried to get out of classes yesterday but I made him stay put. He got through it, and then went and worked for four hours. Part of growing up is learning to deal with this stuff. Sometimes yes, it is too much. But when it reaches the stage that someone is frequently missing either school or work because they're "mad" they need help.

Sammi1961 04-13-2008 07:37 AM

Shlyn, My ds1 (who is now a senior in high school) says dks in his school take the day off or leave school whenever they are having a "bad day" Once you turn 18, you don't even need permission to leave school, you can just sign yourself out. He said some the seniors have now signed themselves out so often they may not graduate because they missed so many days. My rule has always been, unless you are truly sick, you go to school. Luckily my dks have never questioned that. But I also completely understand that when you ds was going through a very tough time, he certainly needed a day off occasionally.

hummingbird_0331 04-13-2008 08:35 AM

Mine hasnt missed school iunless shes been sick or Drs apts. BUT there are days she dont want to go or dont feel like goin but she does.

She just has this problem with a group of kids.
Shes had issues at school since shes been in like 2nd grade. Bullying and such. Im so fed up with this ma and her dad are ready to crack! (shes in 8th grade now)
We have recently found out that she goes to school with my husbands cousins daughter. They hung out then fought and have fought on and off ever since! Well this girl has a group of friends (in which a few of them were my daughters friends first!) and they all decide to try n gang up on her and all this crazyness. They have called our home, threatened her, cursed at her numourous times and its gotten to the point where shes noe gotten suspended from school for 2 days cused she lashed out. Its so bad that the cousins boyfriend pushed her and called her Fat [email protected]@.
Me & my husband went in to the school and voiced ourselfs very well and it didnt matter!


Coll 04-13-2008 08:37 AM

UH OH! If one of my kids (dd1 and ds) called and said they wanted to come home from school, I said go to the nurses office, say you have a migraine and feel nauseous. They only ever did this maybe three times in the 4 years they were in high school. Not sure what I'll do with dd'd 2&3.

Shlyn 04-13-2008 09:20 AM

We've never hidden the fact that he had to come home for any reason.

When we were advised by professionals to let him come home for "mental health" reasons the school had it in writing.. from the professionals. Going to school at that point in time put him at serious risk.

Hummingbird.... we discussed with the school for two years to no avail, even with back up from professionals. We eventually moved, and once our move was confirmed I notified the police and the provincial Education minister of the issue. They dealt with it.

hummingbird_0331 04-25-2008 07:45 PM

well it has escaladed (sp) into a bigger situation now, My daughter was so fed up she went to fight the one girl and did and her parents and the neighbors called the cops on her. We had to take her in for ?'ing this morning! ugh! they told her it WILL stop or else they will lock her up. Nice huh! i wasnt too happy about this but what can u do argue with the police? so we waited 3 hrs to see the principal this mornin too to talk to him about what was goin on- he said when the other girl says somthing to let him know (which the girl has been running her mouth everyday after the fight callin my daughter names, cuss words, cussing at her and tell her she will beat her A!!) so today in the hall after we talked to the princiapl after all this she kept tanting my daughter and had one of her friends do it too and then had the nerve to walk up to my daughters face and call her the B word! she went to the office and the idiot did NOTHING about it! I am HIGHLY Mad..
I swer If I have to go to school and go thru her classes every single day i will.

i am seriouslyt thinking of Home schooling her next yr! I cant handle this stress

barbszy 04-26-2008 03:47 AM

Betty, that really stinks :nono:

One thing you need to find out--is this girl making any myspace or facebook pages that mention your daughter? That would be great ammo to take to the principal. He can't argue with cyber-bullying and most schools have policies against it.

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