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  • I agree with Barbszy. And one of the next steps would be to go to the school board. Start documenting everything. Tell your dd to write down dates and times, and the things that this bully does. (tell her not to write down specific words though, as that could hurt her. Tell her if the girl calls her a B****, to say the B-word).
    Also go to the principal again, and tell him calmly that if it happens again you are instructing your dd to phone the police from school. I don't think he will like that very well. Also tell him if any harm comes to your dd you will send him the bills.
  • Yes, start documenting everything. Daily journals. Then you have it all in writing if and when you go to the school board, or even the police. We did both.
  • I symapthize with anyone in this situation; i'm sure it's devastating to send your child off everyday into that kind of hostility. I don't have children of your daughter's age myself, but as a teacher i spent my student teaching period in a middle school (with eighth graders) and i must say i have never seen such animosity among children as i did then. Even in the highschool i teach at there is not nearly as much drama. You said your daughter is in eighth grade? well i hope highschool turns out to be a great fresh start for her, if it's any consolation, it usually gets better in highschool; kids find where they fit in, stick to their groups and tend to backoff of everyone else's business. i wish you and your family all the best.