Going through puberty at such a young age

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  • I also try to be very open with my boys. When my niece is over at the house, I let them watch me change her. My dad was very strick about that and I was never allowed to babysit boy babys until I was 16. I was not even allowed in the room when my mother changed my brothers. He was very strick.
  • My DS who is 17 now started at 10 and it was full on from the start. Anger issues, bad grades, getting into trouble, the whole 9 yds. His older sister and bro were breezes and still are so I didn't have a clue. He ended up teaching me alot about parenting. My spare the rod spoil the child upbringing didn't work with this one. Time and PATIENCE have. I put him in counseling it got that bad. I didn't believe in counseling and to a degree still do not but for him it helped. He is still a handful but I'm grateful he taught me to see a different way for each child. His lil sis 8yrs shows signs now and the mouth is beginning too but hopefully I can get through this one w/less gray hairs showing up.
  • It's been up and down around here lately. (def. more down than up) At times, he and my DH go at it so bad that it drives me over the edge and I lose it. I am still not prepared for years of this.

    Did you and your son both attend the counseling? I have considered it as well. My DH was against it but lately he has said that maybe I'm having the right idea.

    OMG, 8 is just too young for a little girl! These kids are growing up so fast! My DD is 4 and I can't even think about her going through this at 8. I hope that things go smoother for you with her.
  • Ajrsmom, It took different counselors to find one he would continue past 1st session with. I took him and would go in for a few minutes then leave them alone. He only opened up after 10 or so sessions. He was a tough nut to crack she said. I also because every one in the world said he was ADHD, BiPolor, Manic or something , had him tested but nope he's just a boy with a "hyper" personality vs other kids in my family that are mellow. Love him to death but could strangle him as well. DD 8yrs is going to be a trip as well. "Body hair" is showing up. Very opionated and stubborn already. But hopefully I have learned enough to get through a bit easier.