toilet paper issue question?

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  • cute idea Tami.. will have to see how much they cost and if we have them in our little area.
  • I'm going through this with my 4 yr old now she is for the most part using 2-3 squares per wipe. Our big thing is getting her to stop wiping the front after having wiped the back with the same paper.

    There were coupons a couple of weeks ago for $1 off the Cottonelle kids. I saved the coupons to see if it would go on sale to make it "cheap enough" for me to buy.

    Gee if you don't have a peso on you in Mexico do you have to drip dry? Reminds me of a department store when I was a kid that the bathroom stalls were locked and you had to put in a dime to use the toilet or crawl under the stall door.

  • Hi, I read on another board where the Mom put a mark on the wall and told the child to pull down the paper to the mark and then tear it off. Loretta
  • tp measurer
    I remember a few years ago I ordered a tp tape measure type thing. It was free from one of the tp companies. I cant remember which one though. Anyhow, it basically was a paper ruler about 9 inches or so and had a little hook type thing at the top to hang over the holder. The child could pull enough tp to get to the end and then they would know that was enough.

    I hope this makes sense. When I got this my son was already potty trained and didn't have any daycare kids at that stage so we never got to use it. Why not try hanging a ruler near the tp and have her measure a foot and then at the end of the ruler tear it off.