Autism - Are you affected?

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  • I have a cousin that is autistic.

    He is only about six years older than my youngest DD. And we attend the same church. He just blurts out anything that is on his mind. And this is very hard for my four year old to understand, and she talks back to him.

    It is hard/humiliating/and funny all at the same time!!
  • I used to teach in a special school that had autistic children quite a while back. Unfortunately, it seems to still be as much of a mystery now as it was then.
  • Yes. it IS a mystery! Communication with the severe Autistic is a challenge... One of the people I support has only got about 4 different sounds, to tell people how he feels, what he wants to do, what he wants to eat/drink...

    Most people don't bother to 'ask' him, and he's happy to get whatever he's offered...

    I'm currently doing a communication board for him, in order for him to have some choices... This mostly envolves around food and drink.

  • I have two nephews that are at each end of the autistic spectum. One of my best friends and business partners has a son who is autistic. He also has PIKA where he eats everything organic or otherwise. I also work with a learning facility that specializes in working with autistic & learning disabled children. The directory of the facility is incredible with these children and has found a lot of success in treating them with grape seed extract as well as elimating the toxins from their homes. She even conducts seminars on the subject. You can check out her and her facility at Humanistic Consultants
  • Years back I used to do home visits with an autistic boy. He was on the severe end of the scale. My main focus was to work on speech with him but we did spend time doing everyday tasks too. The biggest hurdle was that he would go into a corner and stim all the time......where they focus on one thing so we always worked to break that. I did stay with him for 2 weeks while his parents took a much needed vacation....I have to say it was a long 2 weeks physically. i can see why parents need relief. I am happy to say that today he is integrated into the regular school system and is doing wonderfully well. I also used to volunteer at a solarium for mentally and physically challenged children. My task was to provide a craft night once a week for the children. It was challenging but so rewarding to see the joy these kids would have from making something. It is something I will always remember.

    hugs Debbie
  • My husband drives a School van for special needs children. Last school year two of his students were autistic. The younger one was 13 and the older one is 16. This year he just has the older one. This young man is so wonderful. He is non-communicative through speech and uses a word board. He is soooo loving, he actually takes my husband's hand and kisses it. He makes his needs known by gestures and is a wonderful companion to the other children. He attends high school in a special program and is learning life skills. Everyone at the high school here in a small town love him and want only the best for him. I should think he will stay in regular high school until he is 18, and then will graduate to a specialized job. My hubby thinks he is extremely fortunate to have known this wonderful guy!!