Baby Oil Uses

  • I use baby oil on a tissue to remove all eye makeup. Not only does it remove the eye makeup but it also moisturizes the eye area.

    Before tweezing my eyebrows, I apply a tiny bit of baby oil. It softening the eye area while tweezing and it seems less painful.

    I add some baby oil to my bath water for a moisturizing bath.

    I also use baby oil on my cuticles.

    It's an inexpensive beauty treatment!
  • What a wonderfully frugal and self-pampering way to use an already well-used product!

    Just one word of caution.. the American Academy of Dermatology discourages using baby oil on acne-prone skin.. it is very resistant to the surfactants in soaps, ( hence it's saught-after moisture-barrier powers) and will tend to clog those alredy oily pores...