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shanstar4u2 04-24-2003 05:46 AM

Does anyone have anything pierced other than their ears. I say the tattoo posting and was just curious. If so what? And did it hurt? I have my eyebrow pierced and it hurt for awhile but I've gotten so use to it and my daughter has finally stopped pulling on it it's finally healed. My own mother has even grown fond of it.:heart:

SherBear 04-24-2003 05:48 AM

I only have my ears pierced... I thought about getting my belly button done when I was younger (before kids) but that is it...
I am too wussy to get anymore holes in my body!!! LOL

shanstar4u2 04-24-2003 05:55 AM

Belly Button
I had gotten my belly button pierced for my 18th birthday. I loved it (Back in the day when I was skinny with no hips) Yes before kids. Anyway I went into the military and they made me take it our for basic training in which it closed Up. I pierced it again afterwards and going through the cartilidge that hurt!!! Then at 24 when I got pregnant I decided to take it out and haven't really put anything in since. It doesn't feel the same or look the same however the hole is still there. I believe that piercing was the most painful....

Caronamy 04-24-2003 07:01 AM

Just my ears! Single pierced at that.

If I had a hard tummy, then I may
consider it.

The eyebrow - only certain people
can pull that off. I've seen some
that look out of place. I think they
look better on guys.

Lip - stupid

Tongue - stupid - my cousin
can't even speak well.

Nose - again, some people
can pull it off.

shanstar4u2 04-24-2003 07:17 AM

I agree with the eyebrow looking good on only some people lucky for me I get compliments all the time so I guess I'm one of those lucky people There is a girl I work with whose got infected and there is a big lump under her eyebrow who says its not infected just irritated shes better off taking it out.

Lip ring I think they look stupid as well but hey who am I too judge.

Tongue ring- how long has your cousin had theirs done for?

Nose I tried as well in fact I pierced it myself and put a small diamond in it. It didn't look bad but it feel out. I was 19 at the time and on the freeway. My friend pulled over on the freeway for me to look for it. Stupid it was soo small that the second I stood up it was going to fall and never be found anyway needless to say trying to merge back on the freeway hwy 410 the death loop they ended up hitting a stranded car on the side of the freeway. The air bags deployed and I got a seat belt burn... It was not fun. I never put the nose ring back in.

danyel 04-24-2003 07:13 PM

Just 10 earrings...6 in left ear and 4 in the right.

I am debating on getting the inner part of my ear done...what is it called?? It's the little part that "covers" your ear canal? anyone understand? can't think of it...:confused: :confused: anyway, that looks cute with a small diamond or tiny hoop.

don't like any other piercings...but to each his own. Some people overdo the facial piercings and it looks scary!:-O

Bilby 04-24-2003 09:04 PM

I have each ear pierced twice, that's all.

My 12yro wants his eyebrow pierced and I said that's ok but not until you're older. And I agree, some people look really good with their various piercings and others, just don't seem to pull it off.::-)::

Redhead7262 04-30-2003 10:25 AM

I have my navel pierced. I originally had it pierced 8 years ago, took it out when I got pregnant with my second child and then had it redone 3 years ago after I had my third child. I also have two holes in my left ear and five in my right. I also have two tattoos. I think piercings and tattoos are a form of self-expression.

fish3711 04-30-2003 10:51 AM

body piercings
I had always wanted my navel pierced. So after my sixth baby I went out and did it. I remember my husband at the time came home and said what did you do today on your day off. And me trying to be sly replied, oh I paid the bills, went to the bank, got some groceries, pierced my navel, picked things up at walgreens and he yelled wait! Back up. What did you just say. I was busted but he didnt really care. He thought it was cute. I loved the ring and wore it proudly. Then 3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant with baby number 7! I left the ring in out of defiance. But in my 8th month we had to take it out because it was pushing through the skin my belly was so tight. After the baby was born I went back and got my navel repierced. It didn't hurt me either time, but then when my daughter had hers done, it hurt her bad. I had wanted my eyebrow done and two of my sisters went out and got it. They looked awful, as someone else has said, only certain people can pull that off. So I said no way to the eyebrow done. Same with the nose, I like the small little piercings in there, but hey my nose is big enough I dont need a piercing to distract more attention to it! No to looks awful and gets infected alot. My sister has her lip, labrae and tongue pierced. She talks funny, with a lisp, her lip was infected for 4 months. I would not do it, but that's me. I am happy with just my navel and my ears. :-:

carpediem 05-01-2003 05:13 AM

Pierced body parts
I have to say that I love my tattoos and piercings! As a "conservative" Christian mother of three I am definitely the most colorful person at church (tattoo wise anyway!)! I have my belly button and eyebrow pierced. I have had my belly done for like 7 years now. It went through three pregnancies without even so much as a stretch! I thought it looked like one of those turkey things that tell you when your turkey is done during my ninth month! When the ring stood out I knew my "little turkey" was done! LOL! I got my eyebrow pierced on new years day in Key West on my honeymoon (10 years after we got married). I can't say my family loves it, but I have gotten so many compliments from different sorts of folks and I love it - so I guess that's all that matters. I think everyone at church likes it too since there isn't anything in the Bible that says it's bad because I am not doing it in a spirit of rebellion. I would agree that the tongue is a bit much since 1) it cracks your teeth 2) it's annoying to watch someone play with it constantly 3) I don't think you ever talk normal again Although I could be wrong on that one. I have thought about getting the inner ear done as well, but not sure. I have the top of my ear done as well and that took FOREVER to heal. Don't think I want to go through that again. Well, God Bless!

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