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miranda 10-11-2002 11:31 AM

homemade toiletries
Does anyone enjoy making their own lotions and creams? I am new to this, but really enjoy knowing what is in my lotion. My favorite to make is really thick cream or body butters.

raggedymom 10-12-2002 11:00 AM

Hi Miranda

No, I've never made my own lotions and creams, but it sounds wonderful!

Would you be willing to share some 'recipes' or websites where I could find instructions on how to make these kinds of things?



Babsjimsgirl 10-13-2002 06:13 AM

Homemade Toiletries
Hi There, Babs here, I was reading your post, and thought I'd try to give you a place to find what your looking for .

Anyhoo, I love using I go there a lot to find whatever. I just went there and typed in homemade toiletries and there are oodles of sites it will take you to. But here's one that had oodles of homemade toiletries from shampoo to body powder to perfume etc. Here's the address:

Hope this helps

Have a Great Day ^^

raggedymom 10-14-2002 03:28 AM

Thank you for this Babs, you've been a wonderful help!


Babsjimsgirl 10-14-2002 05:38 AM

Homemade toiletries
Hello again, and your very welcome. (^)

Hope you find what your looking for !! :worm:

Have a Great Day ^^


nagymom 10-27-2002 04:40 PM

Wow Babs thanks! I am perusing the threads tonight and read your post. This Christmas is going to be more homemade than ever before (and my kids and I love to make homemade gifts--love to receive them too) so this site will come in very handy.
Thanks again!

lyciall 11-13-2002 05:46 PM

Free eBook
I offer a free eBook showing how to make several types of beauty products, including Lotion bars.

It can be downloaded at

dakaremom 09-20-2004 09:58 AM

I am having trouble downloading the ebook. It will tell me that the folder is saved then when I open it, it will only show mw the picture of the book. How do I get it to download so I can see all the receipes? thanks.

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