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  • Today's Tip: Wondering About Witch Hazel?

    Witch hazel, Hamamelis virginiana, is a liquid distillation of leaves, bark and twigs. There are many uses for witch hazel that you may find surprising.

    To treat stings and irritation, douse an organically grown cotton pad with witch hazel and apply to the area. This treatment is good for insect bites as well as sun and wind burn, and even hemorrhoids.

    In the same manner, it can disinfect minor cuts and abrasions.

    It can also be used for skin care such as cleansing, toning and refreshing the face, or rubbed into arms or legs for muscle soreness.

    Witch hazel has no drug interactions and may be used safely by children and adults, as needed.

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  • Quote: how do u get avatars???
    Candyxgirl click on user cp on the top of the page, under there you will find a button to edit your avatars. It will tell you there how to get one. The more posts you have the more options you will get. Hope this helps

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