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Shawn 07-02-2002 03:50 AM

Adult Fisherman Theme Party
First have the guest of honor put on a fishing vest with some tackle attached to it. Maybe even a hat too!.


~ Make Fish shaped invitatations - use a saying like... all fisherman to come fishing for their dinner at (name) house.

~ Have invitations with bait and tackle on them, or better yet shape them into a tackle box.


~ You can buy fish netting and place it around the yard with some plastic fish attached to it.

~ Use fish netting over table clothes

~ Make plates into fish by adding lips, fins and tails.

~ Decorate a fence or wall with blue plastic table cloth and cut waves to look like the ocean and stapled plastic fish cascading the fence with anchors and life preservers.

~ Place some tackle and fishing rod around the room/yard

~ fill a small childrens pool with water an float some fish in it... this could be your pond.


~ Make a sailboat cake (look 3/d) using blue and green plastic wrap and gummy fish to look like the ocean.

~ Make Fish Gelatin Bowls using blue gelatin and gummy fish

~ Make edible Dirt Cups with Gummy fish coming out

~ Have a fish fry

~ Have a cake in the shape of a fish-

To Make: (1) Make a basic sheet cake; (2) Draw a fish shape on a piece of stiff paper and cut out; (3) Trace around the cutout onto wax paper and cut out; (4) Carefully glue the wax paper cutout to the paper cutout; (5) Cut the shape out of the cake by tracing around the cutout with a knife; (6) Tint white frosting a bright color like orange or yellow with food color icing (use instead of liquid food coloring, your frosting will be less watery); (7) Cut a small white gumdrop in half and flatten. Place on the cake for the eye. Attach a chocolate chip to the center of the gumdrop with a little frosting to finish the eye. (8) Decorate the body of the fish with assorted round candies. Tip: You can make the fins a darker shade of your color choice (add a little more food color icing until frosting reaches the desired shade).

~ Decorate a cake to look like a lake and have some fish in it

lenolle 07-13-2002 10:49 AM

Wow, that sounds great, thanks! I saved it in my folder for future!

rosmith 07-19-2002 10:01 AM

I try to set up as many seats around the yards as possible with things to set drinks and plates on. I utilize every folding chair and TV tray, etc. I can find. I don't put them all together, but scatter them slightly. I also like to serve canned drinks in coolers on the patio. And I have a large trash can with a lid near by for convenience. I have lights strung around the edge of my patio cover for early evening and have tealights hidden around my plants to light for a nice evening atmosphere. We usually set up the food buffet style on my breakfast bar right inside the patio door (easier than trying to serve outside and fight the flies!) If we serve drinks in disposable cups, we have a permanent marker to put names on cups which eliminates the confusion of everyone sitting their cup down and forgetting which one is theirs. Great for kids, too. We plug in a boom box and have some music already ready to pop in...a variety...since there are a variety of tastes. I put ice for drinks in a small cooler that is sitting in my kitchen sink with cups and mixes right beside it. Try not to do everything yourself. Assign jobs to others, even guests. My guests would rather help than watch me do everything! Do as much ahead of time so that you have time to have fun! Have a camera! Or better yet, have a person assigned to be party photographer to walk around to take photos for you. Have something for the kids to do. I usually find every ball my kids have and throw them around the yard...and I have videos ready for them, too. Bubbles are fun for them, too. Or the frozen icey pops.

Lifestar 07-20-2002 09:20 AM

A couple of things I did at a recent backyard party that were very successful were to convert my swing set into a "bar". Although I had Tiki theme, I think It would carry over nicely.

We removed the swings, and trapeeze, and slid a long table under the swing set. We hung icicle type white christmas lights around the top and side of the swing set, and ran a power cord to light them up. Then we dressed the table in a grass skirt, but you could use netting, for a nautical theme... we hung paper flowers fromt he swing set, you could hang fish from fishing line...

Anyway, you get the jist...

We also placed cintronella torches around the perimeter of the yard. They are pretty and the cintronella oil kept the mosquitoes away.

I got most of my appetizer recipies from the website. they have a wide selection of everyting you could imagine. I was able to find many appetizers to fit my theme.

Try using shells as serving dishes, and things like sailor caps turned upside down to hold pretzles or dip go with the nautical theme...

Have fun, a fish-fry sounds good! Can I come???

Ann 07-25-2002 04:01 PM


denise 08-11-2002 10:37 AM

Holidays & Occasions
I will be hosting an open house for my parents' 50th anniversary next month. Help! I need ideas, recipes, etc.!!
Thank you.

Miss Money Penny 02-26-2015 12:35 PM

So many great ideas!

Don't forget those big ugly green rubber fishing pants!

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