Secret Sister Reveal Party Ideas

  • I head up the secret sister program at our church and I am horrible at party planning. I have felt like our reveal party over the past couple of years has been a flop. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about activites we can do to enjoy each others company. Most of the women are over 40 and then we have a few that younger that are late teens to early twenties. We are a small church so we only have maybe 10 to 15 women that participate. We usually bring finger foods and bring a final gift. I am looking for some fun ways that we can reveal ourselves to one another. We have played the 20 questions game and we did an activity where we took turns guessing who our secret sister was and what gave it away. I am now stumped. Please help!!!!!!
  • Oh my goodness, it has been about 20 years since I had a reveal party for SS. lol

    What about doing a theme? You could do a luau (sp) or anything. You could also have everyone write a few bits on information about herself that others might not know. This would be done ahead of time. Then, at the party, these would be posed in the form of questions and have everyone guess to see if she knows who it is. For example: "Who was born in a city cab on the way to the hospital and delivered by the driver in the next car?" Everyone would guess and the winner would get a point. At the end of the game, the lady with the most points would be the winner and get a prize.

    I hope that helps.
  • I think I'd make "blue ribbon" type awards to be pinned on everyone, but make them pink or white.
    You could also award the oldest SS, the youngest SS.
    If you are playing games like you would at a shower, purchase prizes at a dollar store-candles, air freshener, stationery, that sort of stuff, wrap in pretty pink tissue paper.
  • I need to think it through a bit more, but my first thought is for each SS to send her receiving sis a 'little something' to wear to the party. Then she also wears the same thing. For example, a yellow ribbon, or a SS badge, or stripy socks or whatever. Then when they arrive, they look for the person with the same thing.
    Alternatively, have each SS send her receiving one half of a pair an d they match up on the day. eg, one earring, or again socks, gloves (even the rubber variety!) On arrival they have to find their other half.
    I'll think a bit more about this one.
  • Thank you all for the ideas. I really appreciate your suggestions. I will let you know how the party goes.
  • Meg, I really love your ideas.
  • I am going to move this question to our Party ideas forum since it pertains to a party, not the FC SS club.

    I hope that your party went well. Please tell us all about it!