Looking for Church Secret Sister Reveal Party Ideas

  • Our church has a secret sister club & we are having a revealing party this weekend. I am wondering if any of you have ideas for some games that we can play at this party. The women are all ages- 19 and up, though most are in their 30s. I just thought maybe someone here would have some fresh ideas. If you do, you can email me, that would be fine. Thanks so much! Tammy
  • A fun game to play before the reveal would be to create a questionnaire with questions like-
    What is (Mary's) favorite color?
    Where was (Judy) born?
    How many siblings does (Joan) have?
    Another take on this one is to use statements like -
    My favorite color is blue.________
    I was born in August._________
    I have at least two sons.___________
    I am wearing socks that are a color other than black or white.
    The second set of questions is sometimes more fun, because when you read off your answers, you sometimes find you have a lot in common with someone you don't know so well. Just pass the questionnaires out and let everyone mill around and get to know more about one another. This works well in a group of close friends or just acquaintances.

    Another that we played at a Secret Angel reveal party -
    WHO AM I?
    Create 3X5 cards with names on them (using a theme like movie stars, music artists, cartoon characters, etc). Tape one to each person's back. Everyone walks around and asks 'yes' or 'no' questions about who they are until they figure it out.

    Hope these help. Have fun!!
  • One that you might play is 20 questions;

    each lady can ask each lady 20 questions to see if she can guess who her ss is, and after everyone have done this or at the end of the night before revealing she has 3 chances to guess to see if she knows can get her SS or not thru playing this game


    each girl makes up some clues and they can take thier turn in putting these clues out in a certain place while the others are in another room... then they give thier clue with thier SS name on the envelpe into a container, and the main Host calls that person name out and give them thier clues....

    thru these clues they see if they can follow them by the directions and at the end they can discover who their ss is....

    Above all just have lots of fun, and have a sheet ready to be filled out and put into a bucket where everyone can draw out a name to have new ss... enjoy yourselves...
  • Thanks for the ideas! Our party went very well... everyone really liked the games (we played your suggestions & others). If anyone else has other ideas please post them; we have revealing parties every couple of months and someone else on here may have the need for ideas as well. Thanks again! Tammy
  • Thanks for posting and letting us know how it went for you.

    glad you enjoyed your party and it turned out good for you

    hopefully one day soon you be able to join our SS's....

    and by the way we also have a religious area if you would like to ever stop by to visit with us over there.
  • Reveal party ideas
    Here is one that is very versatile, I first played it at a bridal shower, and even used it at one of my daughters birthday parties. You have someone that sits in a chair, you blindfold them and have someone stand beside them to help hold a (plastic) bowl full of cotton balls on their head. Then, the person sitting has a paper plate and a large spoon, they have an allotted amount of time to scoop out as many cotton balls as possible and put on the plate, or 3 turns... the funny part is, the person is concentrating and being so careful, and the cottonballs are weightless, so you may not even have any on the spoon. it is really a cute game, hope i explained it well.