Setting goals

  • Setting goals goes along with being organized!
    Recently, my friend Corinna and I spent an afternoon at Barnes and Noble, writing our was all FOR FUN!!!
    We both love to write so we challenged each other to writing our goals using only one letter! Corinna chose "C" and called hers "Corinna's Challenges!" I chose the letter "F" and mine goes as follows...!!!
    I do not know if this will all fit so I may have to use 2 or 3 threads...

    FOR FUN!!!
    I am a Fortysomething Female, a Freespirit, enjoy my life with Family, Friends and love to have Fun. Here are my Fabulous goals, all For Fun!!!

    Friendships: Faraway, Stay in contact thru emails, snailmails, birthday and holiday cards.
    Near Friends: go to movies, community theatre, park concerts, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Dagny's coffeehouse and other activities with Friends.

    Family: be a good and loving wilfe to my husband. Movies and teahouses with mom...bowling and Woolworths with dad or just hang out with them, sitting underneath their big tree...and visit my out of town siblings families as much as possible.

    Faith: Attend Sunday mass @ 7:30 and weekday mass when I can.
    Attend Baptist service @ 9:00 (Mark and I are 2 different denominations...we have always gone with each other...different buildings...same God...I get double blessings...when people ask my denomination I tell them I am 'Bapolic" LOL!!!
    Have daily quiet/prayer time.
    attend a fall and spring retreat or conference annually...Joyce Meyer, Cursillo, Omega, Koinonia, etc...

    Fellowship: Attend monthly church brunches and other women's ministry activities.

    Food and Fudge: eat lots of healthy foods, fruits and vegies along with CHOCOLATE every day!

    Fitness: yoga, ride my bike, walk and skate to burn off the FUDGE!!!

    Figure: WHAT FIGURE!!! I lost THAT years ago to Flab!!!

    Face to Feet: Floss, moisturize, bubblebath and sunscreen daily.

    Femail stuFF: get a physical and mamo once a year.

    February: plan something Fun For husbands birthday...past birthdays...treasure hunt, retreat and a beb and breakfast

    Fiction and Films: go to library every other week for books, videos and magazines

    Finances: stick to our budget

    Folders and Files: Keep my records, recipies, party ideas, holiday ideas, etc...organized.

    Feasts: plan big Family Feasts for birthdays and holidays

    Fun: First of all... Amtrakking... I have ridden over 100,000 miles and have 2 routes to go to meet my goal of riding every Amtrak route in the US!!!
    writing to my penpals, reading newspapers and magazines at coffeehouses, camping, biking, trying new recipies, giving birthday parties and showers For Friends, rubberstamping, bowling, reminiscing, (Hence, my love for this forum...please see my childhood memories under this and that...and Yes, I am childless...please see my thread under health issues...)
    and lastly sipping cherry cokes at my favorite restored Woolworhts soda fountain!

    Fan of: George Strait, Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, Whoppie Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Irina Slutskaya, Rudy Galindo, Joyce Meyer, Martina Mcbride, Bette Midler, Rosie and Oprah!

    Movie: Beaches
    Perfume:Avons sweet honesty, Tabu and vanilla musk
    candy: mountain bars...made by Brown and Haley in Tacoma, Wa.
    Place...anywhere my family is, hence, I live in Bakersfield, Ca...aesthetically, I would choose Tacoma Washington!
    Train: Coast Starlight...LA to Seattle.

    I would like to challenge all you other writers out there to try to write your goals choosing a single letter!!! It was both challenging and FUN!!! Peace, The Trainlady
  • Wow, your sure did set goals.

    I can't go that, every time I do, I get side tracked by life LOL.

    I would love to hear what others do.
  • I love the way you think. When I get some time, I might try doing this. It was a great idea. Let's you bring all your passions to one spot so you can see the big picture. Thanks!
  • Hi there!
    I could go for evere talking about my goals & dreams... and that feels SOOOO good ! Not long ago I felt I had no dreams, no expectations on life, like if I was trap in a place I didnt liked, doing things I didnt love, and having no way to make it different... But not now. Now I know that I only cant do what I choose not to believe in. And thats it. What happened? Absolutly nothing, just had one of those "light bolt" moments, when you can see everything SO clear you just dont know how things could have seemed any different!

    The main goal I set to myself is going to University. I want to go back and major in psicollogy. Dont care how old I'll be, cos your age IS in your mind...Abd i'll get there. I dont know when, cos me and dh are considering baby # 3, and if so, that will set me back another 6 years than now... but I'll get there!

    When I'll have a bit of extra time, and feel inspired, I'll get back to post some other goals.

    Big kiss,

  • Anyone willing to try another letter???!!!...or just share your goals in general??
  • well by doing this I do hope you will get this feed back Ms Trainlady
    boy this is a challenging and I have to think about this one. thanks for letting me know about this.

    setting these kind of goals. with all one letter lthanks for the laugh.

    Can I pick another way of expressing something with a letter, such as what to be thankful for?
    let me work on this and I will get back with you, normally my writing skills is when it hits me and I write or about a life situation
    I KNow goals are a life situaltion.

    give me some time before giving this up for you have challeng me now.
  • Yes, my dear writer freind, you have been challenged!!!!!!!
    When we wrote these friend and I .............ironically, we started out seriously!! It was the beginning of the year and we decided to go to Barnes and Noble and write out our goals for the next year! Well, we started writing and Writing and WRITING and before we knew it we had both written enough goals to last 10 years!! LOL!!!
    Then we just started to be silly and the results are what you read above!!! What a riot!!!!

    Maybe you could write a poem with each word starting with the same letter!! She sells seashells down by the seashore............
    Or an ABC love poem to your hubby........listing all the reasons you love hime using the whole alphabet..
    Appreciates my.....
    Brings me....
    Cares for me by..

    Ok Girlfriend, you have been challenged!!!!
    Love, Donna
  • Now, this one just absolutely cracked me up!
    I only wish I had HALF the energy I had when I wrote THOSE goals a few years ago!! LOL!!!!!

    hugs, train