household notebook

  • It is the start of a new year! Let's update our household notebooks. What worked last year, what didn't work, what would you like to try?
  • I read an inspiring article on this recently. I really don't have a household notebook but am thinking of setting one up in an old planner binder. I will watch this thread for good ideas.

    Here is one of my favorite sites for free homemaking printables: Donna Young
  • Does your household notebook have a category for those things that need to be done yearly or twice a year?

    I enjoy being organized, and it seems life is ever changing and a good schedule works for a while and then I need to adjust.

    We moved to a new home last April.
    My dh works different shifts each week.
    I homeschool my little ones...ages 13-5

    Editing to add: Thank you for the link.