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leasmom 09-05-2008 10:35 AM

Lost the Desire to Declutter-NEED HELP!!!
I used to declutter constantly but now I feel like I'm drowning in it. Everywhere I look there is clutter. Its a lived in look but it drives me crazy and I can't seem to get a handle on it. I throw things out and nothing seems to change, I even had a free sale on freecycle and I still have stuff. I got rid of extra clothes, it doesn't seem like we did. We have a small house and the problem is every where. I need help, support...anything...

bluebird 12-28-2008 04:51 PM

Have you tried flylady?

Bernice 12-28-2008 07:11 PM

[quote=leasmom]I used to declutter constantly but now I feel like I'm drowning in it. Everywhere I look there is clutter. Its a lived in look but it drives me crazy and I can't seem to get a handle on it. I throw things out and nothing seems to change.

I must admitt that there are so many times I am like you Leasmom. My Dear Family are pack rats........the paper the gift including the boxes clutter my house. I go through several times and clean it out.

I am currently on strike. My DH actually did his own laundry, because I wouldn't. If it doesn't make the hamper, then I'm not washing it. If I didn't take it out, I am not putting it up.

I going to try to hold out, so they realize that it is their mess. DD wants to have friends in this week, so I am guessing that things will get done.

I am a bit selfish here, but when you say the same things everyday to pick up, put away, clean up it gets old fast, especially when it falls on deaf ears. Two days and counting.

danstigerangel 12-28-2008 08:11 PM

Stick with it Bernice. You are doing the right thing.

I do my wash and dh. My ds has to do his own. He is 18 but he has been doing wash since 16. There are so many chores that kids don't do anymore!

Bernice 12-29-2008 08:49 PM

Well today was the day. The house got picked up.....DD got it done, but had to stay on DS while I was at work.

DS said that DD was just like me....imagine that!

Going to loose some of DH's collection of old mags and junk mail, he just doesn't know it yet. ha ha ha

Sammi1961 01-02-2009 02:05 PM

Bernice, good for you for going on strike! I have done that before and it does work though it often takes my family awhile to notice. Unfortunately, I run a daycare out of my home so do have to have some standards so going on strike is out for me at the moment. Like you, my family are packrats. As much as I get rid of, they bring more stuff home and fill any empty space available. I clean off a table or something and the next thing I know dh has piles stuff on it. Seems like a never ending battle. (and yup. i throw away my dh's junk mail when he isn't looking too!)

Leasmom, I need to declutter too and it is very hard to stay motivated. What about tackling one small space at a time (a drawer, a corner, a closet). That's my goal for this year - to get decluttered. And if my family won't cooperate, I can at least take care of my own things.

mowire 01-03-2009 05:33 AM

leasmon!!!I am glad I am not the only one.. lots of people in same boat!!!! lol I have been trying to declutter too!! only me tho...and yes on laundry too!!! you think after awhile they would WANT their clothes washed or something!! I have a problem with decluttering my mail and bills etc.It sits on my kitchen table!!! and dont know how to get rid of. :( good luck ladies!!!!!

Sammi1961 01-03-2009 06:08 AM

Mowire, bills and paper clutter on the kitchen table are a big thing for me too. I keep trying not to pile things there but I don' t have a desk or anyplace else to put things and I can't always deal with everything all at once and before I know it there is a pile. I really need a good solution for that so am going to have to think about it.

crazy4cooking 01-03-2009 08:29 AM

piles of clutter
I also have the same problem throughout the house. I tend to keep lots of paper items such as business cards, magazines, receipts, catalogs, etc. I'm afraid if I throw them away I will need the info. since some of it is related to my home based business. It piles up so high, and then I transport it to my spare room and stick everything in a box. It is so out of control it is making me stress because I know I now have to go through all those boxes. And I know that I will want to keep most of it. How do I solve this problem?


RobertaD 01-03-2009 08:56 AM

I read a tip on sorting your mail which has really helped me not get it piled up. When you bring your mail into the house sort it standing over a trash can, the crap mail goes directly into the trash so it doesn't pile up. You don't need to look at the catalogs you didn't ask to be mailed, you don't need to look at the join our company mailing, etc. just toss it right away.


bluebird 01-03-2009 09:08 AM

I am a paper patrat too...... I don't know why..... Years ago I was much better so I think stress had something to do with it. I plan to get it under control this year!

Remember to shred all papers with person infomation on it!

VicRae 01-03-2009 02:21 PM

With my old bills and check statements I want to save. I take all the papers from one place; such as, the bank, out of the envelopes and only the parts that are important to keep gets laid together in a pile and placed back into one envelope. Then I throw out all of the rest of the envelopes and junk ads into the trash can. Then those envelopes I want to keep gets put into a shoe box marked with the year or dates of the bills on the outside of the boxes.

My husband just got a few file cabinets from where he works at and I have stored my patterns and some of my sewing supplies and other stuff for the grandkids to play with in the drawers. These had the racks for hanging files inside when I got them. So, I took apart the hangers and laid them down on the bottom of the drawers before filling them. So, when I want to use the cabinets for other things and need the file hangers again I will still have them.

Lisa Berry 01-06-2009 10:05 AM

:dink:I as well have a cluttered home. I pick up daily. Most days you can't tell. My 58 yr DH is a only child who never wanted for anything and doesn't know the meaning of no but he 's the worst at "stuff" collections. His area in living room is always growing... I have given hundreds (not kiddin) of books to library and can not tell. If I trash anything he pulls it from bin saying "I can sell that at yardsale". Asked when...hmmm... in spring :hahaha: . My 2 oldest G-20, B-18 want to move because of clutter and resulting tension 'tween us. I AM NOT nor ever will be neat freak but narrow passages thru basement and every surface in rest od house and various out buildings is too, too much. In office for our home business i use shredder daily on junk mail and it helps a bit. Overall I'm exhausted :(

Sammi1961 01-06-2009 11:33 AM

Lisa, my dh is a packrat too. You cannot imagine how many stacks, bins and bookcases we have of books and yet he keeps buying more. If I have a book and truly love it and will read it again, i keep it. If it is a book I have read, liked but know I won't read it again it is passed on to someone else or some other place. If I clear a space (declutter) my dh will pile things there. It is a constant battle. and speaking of basements, ours is a scary place - so full of stuff there are only narrow passageways around. I am not giving up the battle, though. I will admit, that my dream is to live someplace empty, clean and quiet with only the things that are necessary and that I love. It may just have to stay a dream though.

megrayau 01-06-2009 03:20 PM

What if you put something pretty i the decluttered spot. Ok It might be an odd place for a vase or ornament, but at least it won't be empty. Then when you have a few and they have not been messed up( 2 or 3 months) move the objext but ask that it not become a messy place! Just a thought.
I bought some plastic file boxes like this one but half the width, and we keep it under the desk. Every month has a file and anything we will need for tax or to keep goes in that months folder. It seems to be working a bit! Still need to tame the paper monster!
We have also run out of computer ink. This is helping as nothing is getting printed!! (There is an obvious downside and I will get more ink tomorrow!)

ellenmelon 01-07-2009 06:29 AM

Yes it is getting hard for me too. Here are two things that help me>

1. Get a large plastic bin with a lid and put the clothes you haven't worn in a year in it and lug it to the back porch or garage. If you need anything it will be there but not in your house.

2. Set a timer for 20 minutes and put on your running shoes. Put your hands on something in the house that doesn't belong where it is and then hustle it to the room it should be in. In that new room you will place your hand on something that shouldn't be there and hustle it to the right room. Keep doing this until the timer dings. I call it the star pattern method of tidying up because I zing from one point in the house to another as if I were making a five pointed star.

VicRae 01-07-2009 07:37 AM

Just wanted to share this article I found on how to start decluttering spaces

Hope this might help some.


RobertaD 08-18-2009 02:15 PM

Help the clutter has fallen and I can't get up!!!!!


tree3branches 08-19-2009 06:10 AM

Here grab my hand and I pull you up. lean on us and now just do a little at a time, It will get done.

RobertaD 01-09-2010 12:18 PM

I plan on deep cleaning and declutting one room a month this year so my house will be in shape by the end of the year and hopfully will make some extra money selling what we no longer need.


danstigerangel 01-09-2010 12:38 PM

One room a month sounds like a good plan Roberta. I started some minor decluttering in the kitchen this morning. I have to clean out the cabinets. What pans, etc. I haven't used in several months are going down in the basement. I hate to do that because I worry I will forget about them. lol

RobertaD 01-09-2010 05:01 PM

What about putting a list up on an inside cabinet Lauri that has listed the things you took downstairs and where they are to find easily?


bar_bar 01-09-2010 05:20 PM

to those that needs to downsize and declutter, do it before one day something really happens, and you do not have the desire to do it, such as death of a mate.
Then you really don't feel like doing it.
Life could change, and you really don't know how to do it.
I think of those times I could of done it more, and didn't.
Now after John's death I have to downsize, no if's about it, and it very hard to do it.
Going from one size to another sizse, one kind of life to another kind of life.
to a house to a room, living with my dd and gkids.

so get busy and declutter your life when you are feeling like doing it and can, for one day, you could look up and life comes to a dead stop for you.

If I sound rude, forgive me, just giving a bit of advice, and looking back at times I wished I had and didn't.
Now I have to, and yes, it still hard on me, but it necessary now. Where before It would been nice if I did. I did in peices but now it in leaps and bounds I have to.

does this make sense?

Sammi1961 01-13-2010 07:51 AM

Bar_Bar, you gave some very good advice. My brothers and I are in the process of cleaning out my parents'home - (they have both passed away) and since my mom did not get rid of clutter etc. we are dealing with tons and tons of things. I think she saved every birthday card, Valentine, invitation, thank you note, bank statement etc. that she ever recieved not to mention all the other things in the house. We have been working on this house for a year and still have a long ways to go. It is making me realize what is important to save and what really isn't. Sentiment can only go so far so I need to learn to let go.

bar_bar 02-10-2010 03:56 PM

things that John had was not as much as he did save at one time, and I've have found some of my things don't mean nothing after he past away. Life is different when a mate passes, and it does the same after losing a parent.

I was reading somewhere money spend tons of money each yr for storage and never use the stuff. It amazing, we all need to declutter

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